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"Big brother" 21, producers, tips Other players of the house can have a secret past


Great Brother Fans were surprised during the opening season 21 last week to find out that two of the new home teachers were not exactly the first time, as Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy tried to hide their secret past from other players. And it seems that other lovers of the BB21 home can also subtract importance to their connections for now Weekly entertainment in a new interview.

When asked if Christie was placed inside the house next to the nephew of her old girlfriend, Grodner replied: "We liked what both Tommy and Christie took to the fair as a Individuals. We knew they had a past together and decided to see how I would play at home. "

But he made fun of the subject of the BB Camp for the season: "As in Summer Camp, there could be others who know …"

With something that goes underneath the house's surface, in addition to the Turn of the Field and the Whacktiviy, this season is already crazy, and Grodner added that "as Julie makes fun of, something will happen that never has passed Big Brother before. Everyone will discover what this is on Wednesdays. Stay tuned! "

The turn of the Director Field, that the people who volunteered for a candidacy among them for an unknown power, surely began the things with a turn. While most home users did not want to come to life soon enough, Jackson Michie, Cliff Hogg, Jessica Milagros and David Alexander jumped at the opportunity. In the end, Jackson managed to win the power, only to know that he was responsible for exhibiting four masters.

"I think that different strategies work for different people," Grodner said about the initial results. "Cliff and Jackson saw themselves as the goals of the pole and took a bid to have security during the first week. Unclotting and confronting Cliff liked the men in the house. Being able to play a leading role would have given security to Jackson, but He also went to Jackson's head, so we'll see what that means for his game: Volunteer for the Director Field probably was not the best strategy for Jessica and David because it made them look like strong players , therefore, a threat. "

Big Brother Next aerodynamics Sunday, June 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET at CBS.

Photo credit: CBS / Monty Brinton

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