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Blue Jais notebook: Atkins wants to shoot, Valker and Johnson expect to stay, Sanchez feels good


CARLSBAD, CA – Although the Pacific Ocean is only a few miles away from GM GB meetings this week, do not expect Toronto Blue Jais to make a big spray.

Toronto GM Ross Atkins reiterated on Monday that there will not be huge free sign players by Jais (Manni Machado, Brice Harper etc.) this season, but that does not mean they will not be busy at Omni La Costa Resort.

"It may be a little less news than in the last few years," Atkins said. "But in terms of better organization of our organization, there are many opportunities for that. We have already talked with other GM, other baseball managers … and started talks with agents, the players' interaction began." This is an understanding of the market, understanding our ability to build around a young, exciting core. "

Atkins said pitching was a priority for Jais, watching both the rotation and the bullet. He suggested that the depth of the depth can be solved by the veteran superior and infielder. Jays would love to discover the way to trade by Tulovich and Trotsky's hunter Russ Martin, but with his pile of contracts it is almost impossible. The last thing that a young club needs is a few very expensive veterans who are more and more renewed in the club and do not play. Martin turned into the second half of the 2018 season, although manager John Gibbons gave the chance to play via the infielder and even allowed him to manage the game, and Tulovitzki will not be happy on most games in short.

"Now we can find a team with seven major league players, seven eight league players, we have four main leagues, so I think that complementing our young pitching is a priority," Atkins said.

"Whether it will be one or two main league or one or two main league, we will see," continued Atkins. "We have the flexibility to do it in a free agency, but we also want to understand what opportunities we have through the trade before we are aggressive (in a free agency)." It all depends on the market, but we will not eliminate any possibilities, it is one of the most beautiful Things about being in the market we are in (Toronto) We have some flexibility, we have financial power, we have a great trading system. We will see.

"I do not know if things will escalate here for us," Atkins continued, asking what he expects from these meetings. "We have nothing that is completely coincidental, which could happen tomorrow, but we had absolutely talks with (GM) agents and put out all the opportunities we had."

Jays will not be given back to coach Brook Jacobi and Tim Lipe's first team (first reported by John Lott of The Athletic) under the new manager, Charlie Montoya, but Atkins suggested pitching coaches Pete Valker and Dana Johnson return and want to return the bench to the bench DeMarlo Hale, although Hale is allegedly looking at other occasions. Former baseball writer Bob Sun Elliott reported on Monday that Coach Jais 3B Luis Rivera would expect to be named for Montoya staff.

"It could still be a change (coaching staff), but I do not expect them at this time," Atkins said.

New York Post Columnist Joel Scherman reports that Ben Cherington, Jais VP is a baseball operation, among those interviewed for the Baltimore Orioles GM job.

Jais Warl Series hero Joe Carter is a candidate for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, after joining a list of 10 names proposed by the Today's Era Committee. Carter joins Harold Baines, Albert Belt, Vill Clark, Orell Hershiser, Dave Johnson, Charlie Manuel, Lou Pinielli, Lee Smith, and George Steinbrenner to consider Hall of Fame. The vote will be held on December 9 at the Winter Meetings.

Izgledi Jais-a Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Cavan Biggio finished near the top of a number of offensive categories recently in the Arizona Fall. With all the young depths of the infusion in the system, Jais put Biggio in the left field during the AFL. In addition, Nate Pearson's right hand touched 104 MPH in AFL last weekend, sending the world of baseball in a tizzy, even more impressive with regard to the 22-year-old (28th overall on Jais's draft in 2017) missed most of the 2018 season with injuries.

"Ah, man, it was exciting," Atkins said. "Cavan is great, the government has played well, Nate is exciting. There is still development with all those guys, but there are a lot of good things (now)."

Jais starter Aaron Sanchez, who announced a few years ago as Ass Jais for the future, fought for the second season in the run in 2018 due to finger problems and passed the operation on his right hand in September. He was the leader of the AL ERA in 2016. In 2018, he started 20 times and recorded 4.89 ERA. But Atkins said things are looking for a great right-winger.

"I talked to him last week, it sounds like he's in a great place mentally and I think he's glad I have clarity," GM said. "
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