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Blue Jays, perspective of Kacy Clemens and friend beaten in the fight

A Houston bar is requested after assaulting a couple of minor league baseball players, according to the details of a lawsuit filed by KPRC.

The Blue Jays brochure, Kacy Clemens and Conner Capel's friend, who play Light Light on St. Louis. Louis Cardinals, were presumably beaten by the defenders of Concrete cowboy on the eve of New Year.

Clemens, who is Vancouver's old Canadian base, and the son of the former MLB pitcher, Roger Clemens, claims that the injuries he suffered have affected his throwing arm.

"Kacy has not started throwing with this arm so far to see if it has the same speed and precision," said lawyer Randy Sorrels.

Sorlels alleges that Capel (shown above) suffered a fractured skull and would need to visit a neurologist annually for the next five years due to this.

The police did not find evidence that Clemens or Capel were intoxicated, demand says, while one of the defenders was arrested for assault.

"We believe that Kacy and Conner have been completely vindicated for any mistake. The spokesman for the other side, the whole culture of this club must be convicted," said Sorrels, adding that Capel was Struck several times with a flashlight that caused his fracture of the skull.

Clemens began his professional career in the low season of Single-A with Canadians in Vancouver in 2017, helping them win a NWW Championship. It was divided last season with teams from Single-A to Lansing and Dunedin.


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