Saturday , May 8 2021

BTS shares a warm welcome to Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and J Balvin at HYBE

On April 5th HYBE Corporation has shared his welcome message to the artists of Ithaca Holdings, Including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, i J Balvin.

Earlier, HYBE Corporation announced its merger and acquisition of Ithaca Holdings. According to an April 2 press release, HYBE’s US branch, HYBE America, is officially merging with Ithaca Holdings, a media and entertainment investment company founded by Scooter Braun. The agreement states that HYBE will buy all shares in Ithaca Holdings for 1.70 trillion won ($ 1.5 billion) from shareholders and bondholders, acquiring Ithaca Holdings. This means that Ithaca Holdings will become a subsidiary of HYBE America.

In the welcome video “HYBE x Ithaca Holdings” posted on YouTube on April 5, Bang Si Hyuk, President and CEO of HYBE, appeared to present the news in detail, followed by BTS sharing its warm welcome to Ithaca Holdings artists.

RM, BTS leader, began by saying, “Such fantastic news that leaves us all amazed! Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and J Balvin. The team behind these and so many amazing artists has teamed up with HYBE. We are so happy to see so many artists that we love and love being part of this family. It seems like the world is connecting and even shrinking. “

SUCK he shared his enthusiasm for the future efforts that await this merger between the two companies and went on to say: “We’re seeing things that we could never imagine come true, like this amazing news story. And it makes us think that there are no limits or limits to the work we are doing. We can’t wait to see the endless possibilities that await us. “

J-Hope he also added the group’s expectation for fans that they will be able to find new joy with the future content the two companies can bring and concluded the BTS message for Ithaca Holdings artists. He said, “I hope we can grow and share positive influence with all the artists who have become part of our new family. And most of all, we hope this new adventure gives fans a new experience and is a source of new joy. We once again welcome the artists of Ithaca Holdings. Thanks.”

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