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Canucks prospects tracker, November 18: Lockvood unlocks potential


It's the latest edition of Weekly Tracker, where we've completed the Vancouver Canucks efforts with the greatest look:

Vill Lockwood

His hockey career was on the road, which they predicted little.

Made in the third round of the NHL league for 2016, Lockwood, who was ranked 108th among Central Scouts in that year, was selected much before he was scheduled to leave.

It looked like a blow to Canucks. Lockwood set fire to the University of Michigan, made the world's junior team Team USA and was among the best of his peers – then seriously injured his shoulders in an open-air game against Canada that ruined not only his season, career.

Well, Will has now regained this form, and then some. Lockwood has taken a hot spot this season for the 16th ranked Volverines and now rides six games a week at one of the best college hockey teams.

In Penn State's fifth position on Friday, Lockwood set the numbers of the monsters in a 6-4 win. He had four assists, three bullets on the net and finished the game plus-2.

Then on Saturday, Lockwood scored a goal – and almost had another – in 7-6 overs in the same team.

Twenty-year old has all the tools – excellent skating ability, good wrist and kick that replaces his 5-foot frame.

Now with four goals and eight assists in the 11 games that this season has played, Lockwood has put it all together. Again.

Kuinn Hughes

It's hard to watch Canucks defense game and not think about what Kuinn Hughes can do with the team.

The attacking defense attorney, who had to overcome the injured wound earlier this season, continued with his fierce strides with Volverines.

Hughes had help in the game on Friday defeating Penn State, and then added three more assists the following night.

In the first match of 2018, there are up to 13 points in 11 matches this season and there are no signs of slowing down.

Olli Juolevi

Defender of the Utica Comets Olli Juolevi jumped the ice in the game last week.

Lindsai A. Mogle /

Utica Comets

Juolevi: Canucks will be able to play Thursday's No. 2 candidate.

Say what you want about your defensive game – Juolevi still has the worst comet rating in minus-12 – but Ollie moves when it comes to setting points on the back.

Canucks' first-seeder in 2016 added two more power games this week for comets, and both apples arrive on Wednesday for a 5-4 shootout in Bellevue senators.

The other has come to power and extinct the potential. Juolevi pulled the way between two penalty shootouts and defeated Tanner Kero with a creative dodge for a goal in a one-way from a sharp angle.

It's a type of game that shows his acumen with the advantage of a man.

Juolevi did not do much on Friday's loss of 4-0 to Syracuse Crunch – as well as on Saturday 6-3 at Hartford Volfpack, but now they are fourth in the team with one goal and 12 assists in 18 games. He is also the top defender of the first shooter in the AHL and is ranked 9th in the overall match of all defensive players in the league.

All in all, the Comets fight without Thatcher Demka's extraordinary goalkeeper, who is still with the earthquake. The team lost four in a row and is now in the last place in the North Division of the eighth team.

Jonathan Dahlen

Great responsibility comes with great power.

Dahlen continues to demonstrate his offensive ability in his newspaper comet campaign. But, like Juolev, he still needs to defend his responsibilities.

Dahlen recorded four assists in three matches last week, but he was also a minus-3 on Wednesday against the Senator and was directly responsible for at least one goal against.

Canucks did not trade aged Alek Buras for Dahlen because of his work defensively. He is a slasher and record with top talent. However, Dahlen must be proved by defense before becoming a regular NHLer.

Dahlen now has two goals and nine assists in 17 games so far this season. He is also a minus-5, so there is still work in that area.

Jett Voo

An excellent Sunday for Voo, who works at both ends of the ice.

Defender Moose Jav Varriors and 2018 2nd round scored their second goal of the season on Tuesday with a 7-0 defeat to the Americans Tri-Citia. The goal was to play the power of a beautiful pass.

Voo then added two assistants on Saturday with a 3-2 win in Lethbridge Hurricanes. Both were secondary assistants, but both of them showed their puck with a stick to set up the game.

Voo would add one more help on Sunday, 9-1 defrosting Kootenai Ice. Voo also played the high-end team in the game.

Voo now has two goals and eight assists in the 15 games played this season. He is also a plus-8 campaign.

Lukas Jasek

Take five.

Jasek again went past last week, putting himself in the net in the dead moments of losing the comet on Saturday to Volfpack. There was no oil painting, but the goal is the goal and it makes his fifth season.

Jasek, who played on the line with Dahlen, saw that his season was positively completed after a slow start. The 6-meter Czech league now has seven points in 14 games this season.

Mike DiPietro

It is difficult to start Sunday for a promising goal, after which the main role in the victory follows.

DiPietro's Windsor Spitfires lost 5-2 in Oshawa Generals on Thursday, in a game that DiPietro stopped 24 out of 28 shots. He stopped all the low (11) and medium (7) risks, but he was beaten with four of the 10 high risks.

But like him who was, DiPietro recovered well in Saturday's 5-1 victory in the spirit of Saginaw. The third round of Canucks in 2016 stopped 25 of the 26 shots and was named the second star of the game.

Tingle Madden

Only one game was played last week for the Madden # 13 rank of Northeastern Huskies, with a 1-0 victory on Friday in Vermont.

Madden, Canucks's third round in 2018, did not score points, but had one shot on the net and was 6-for-12 from the field.

The NCAA Novak now has four goals and five assists in 11 games for Huskies who have won three games.

Jack Rathbone

Rathbone is a kind of analytical dear hockey hurry.

Canucks' fourth round in 2017 is close to the top of the cup among first-year NCAA players in several statistics categories, including assistants per match, per game and points per game.

He is also one of the biggest contributors to the offending team's blue line. It has 46.67% of INV, which is the player's points per game divided by the goals of the team per game. Whether you understand it or not, it's really good.

He's doing everything fast. His skating, decision-making and transition play a pace for their Harvard colleagues, and the results so far this season are undeniable.

Rathbone did not spend a week in two games, a fourth victory in the fourth round compared to eight of 18 places in Arizona and a loss of 3-2 on Saturday against the same team. He had two shots in every game.

But the fourth Canucks tournament 2017 still had a great start to the season, with two goals and five assists in seven games. He's even on a plus-minus meter.

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