Monday , March 1 2021

Cold Snap arrives in Toronto after the first snowstorm of the season

On the heels of the first major snowfall in Toronto, the city is now struggling with a cold cold.

Environment Canada requests a height of -14 C this afternoon, but for most of the day, the temperature will be closer to -30 with the cold of the wind.

There is currently an extreme cold warning for Toronto and other parts of the GTA.

"Arctic air mass and strong winds will result in cooling values ​​of the wind near less than 30 today through Friday morning," said the national meteorological agency.

"Cold-breeze Arctic air has moved south of Ontario overnight. Low temperatures during the night at less than 20 degrees Celsius, combined with strong winds from the southwest, have given place cooling values ​​of the wind in the range minus 30 to less 35. "

A very cold weather alert has also been issued by the Toronto medical health officer, which causes additional cold weather services for people living homeless.

"Frostbite can develop in a few minutes with exposed skin, especially with the cold of the wind," warned Environment Canada.

On Friday you are waiting for a warmer climate as you get smoother air.

A maximum of -9 C is in the prediction of Friday and Saturday will see a maximum of -4 degrees. Sunday will reach a maximum of 4 degrees.

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