Thursday , February 25 2021

Daniel Bryan debuts the new "Organic" World Championship of the WWE, Defender of the title for the elimination room

"The new" Daniel Bryan closed SmackDown Live with his new "intellectual father," Rowan. Bryan would provoke the crowd, proclaiming them to be the true winners of Royal Rumble, as Bryan stayed against AJ Styles. Bryan was recognized as "The Planet Champion" and would lead the point further by transferring the current belt of the WWE Championship. Bryan would see that the title was not appropriate and he only saw it in the image of a shattered cow. It would present a new WWE Championship design, made of "100% organic hemp".

It did not take long before AJ Styles was interrupted, causing Bryan to infer that he smoked his prototype title before revealing it. This would lead Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy to enter the fold before a commercial break. Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe would follow suit with the five men claiming a WWE title opportunity. Joe would cause Styles once again, which led the five challengers to fight with Bryan on the front.

Triple H appeared on the titantron to announce that in the House of WWE elimination, Daniel Bryan will have to defend the WWE Championship against the five men in a game of the Elimination Chamber. Bryan, surprised by the news, began to run behind before he was attacked by his followers.

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