Sunday , October 17 2021

Details reported on Matt & Jeff Hardy's WWE Deals

Dave Meltzer took his weekly Wrestling Observer Newsletter to share some details about the contracts of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. After a long absence, the duo returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 and won the team's # # # in the process. Since then, both brothers have followed different businesses with the company. Jeff Hardy captured the United States Championship and Matt Hardy won the RAW Tag Team Championship, along with partner Bray Wyatt. Both brothers have lost time due to injuries. Matt Hardy recently took Twitter to announce that it was "greenlit & # 39; for an in-ring return. After spending time to rehabilitate, Matt Hardy reports that it is in the best way it has been in 20 years and, despite the rumors against it, it is not close to retiring.

Meltzer reports that the offers of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are ready to expire during the WrestleMania season this year. Meltzer adds that the duo signed a two-year agreement in 2017, but that the WWE has a third option in the contract. According to Meltzer, probably the WWE will pick up this third-year option, keeping Matt and Jeff at WWE for another year. Meltzer also notes that the third-year option includes a substantial salary increase.

Meltzer also adds that Matt Hardy is scheduled to return to the WWE, but is currently "not sure" about when the exact calendar is for this return. Meltzer also notes that The Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks set the Honor Ring Assistance record before Kenny Omega vs. Cody Rhodes are broken.

Could Matt and Jeff Hardy finish a day at All Elite Wrestling to revive his dispute with The Young Bucks? Disable the feedback session below. Readers can subscribe to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter HERE.

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