Friday , May 14 2021

Devs Talk Favorite PS4 Games on the Fifth Anniversary of the Console – Variety

This Thursday marks the fifth anniversary of the PlaiStation 4 launch in the United States, and Sony celebrates this opportunity by asking 23 designers to discuss their favorite titles on the PlaiStation Blog.

It is surprising that the "Son of God" Sonia Santa Monica got a lot of love. The critically-acclaimed action-adventure game was shortly Sonny's fastest sold PS4 exclusive sale, which sold 3.1 million copies worldwide in the first three days (Marvel's Spider-Man banned it in September).

"With the" God of War, "I feel as if Santa Monica Studios was unbelievable: they bought the most brutal peninsula ever in the video game, by cheating them with the human succulence of eyebrows," said Herman Hulst, general manager and co-founder of Guerrilla Games. "It was a brilliant hit that was remarkably paid off, restoring the franchise and opening the way for a new chapter in my mythology."

From the Bloodborne software, she got a lot of moves. Sonya's president, Shuhei Ioshida, said he was "obsessed with" challenging RPG action and scored every trophy. Supergiant Games Designer Greg Kasavin called it "one of the greatest achievements of the studio".

"The disturbing, even external vibration of" bloodshed ", the design of its firearms and countless enemies, the unnatural and credible architecture of its space, the cruel and terrifying challenges … it all consists in creating a rich, unforgettable, infinitely replaiable experience that is really became under my skin, "he said.

Developers have recalled other PS4-exclusive AAA titles such as "Uncharted 4", "The Last of Us" and "Horizon Zero Dawn." But there are some surprisingly fewer choices. Double Fine Productions Tim Schafer expressed his affection for the game "Loot Rascals."

"Unbelievable style, challenging playing, and even during the time I was deeply involved in another game, at the end of the night there was always time to get in the race. I'm still playing this game," he said.

Sony has sold over 86 million PS4 consoles and over 777 million software units since launch, according to the PlaiStation Blog.

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