Sunday , April 11 2021

Did Nicki Minaj Diss Drake in her new music video?

Is Nicki Minaj dissing Drake in his new video of "Hard white"This is a question that fanatics have been wondering since Nicki left the show on Thursday night (January 31).

At a point in the visual, a scorpion flashes to the screen before it breaks quickly. Of course, Drake's 2018 album is titled Scorpion, and followers do not think this is an old match.

Since the release of the video, people have been taking Twitter to share their thoughts on the diss potential and, although many people are in agreement that it is a shot at Drizzy, the reactions to the assumption Launching is mixed.

"Fuck me up Nicki Minaj," a fan told Twitter. "Fuck Cardi B and Drake are not loyal."

"Nicki Minaj shook Drake's SCORPION album, but his album was not # 1 on Billboard," another fan wrote. "So Drake continues to win. Nicki must bring his L #HardWhite VIDEO"

Although there were not many external indications about a Nicki-drizzy wine, the two superstars have had rough appearances in the past. When Drake was beefing With Nick then, Meek Mill, who apparently did not find themselves in the best terms. However, they ended restless things Once Nicki and Meek passed their separate channels, and even collaborated on Nicki's 2017 single "No fraud. "

As recently as May 2018, Nicki was Defending your colleagues from Young Money member in your flesh with Pusha-T. Even so, there is the possibility that perhaps his relationship has gone south.

Watch the video "Hard White" and check the reactions of the fans below. Do you think it's a shot at Drizzy?

See fans Speculate About Nicki Minaj Possibly dissing Drake on "Hard White" Video

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