Monday , September 26 2022

Feeling blue at this time of the year? You're not alone


Many people enjoy extra sleep time, which brings the end of Summertime, but not all of us feel comfortable while we are in the holiday season.

The lack of sunlight can have a negative impact on humans, causing Seasonal Impact Disorder (USA).

Some of the side effects include sleep problems, depression and low levels of energy.

"If it's difficult for them to sleep and wake up, it affects their mood [and] causes fatigue. Insomnia itself can cause a lot of stress in their lives and if patients already have a mood disorder or tendency to develop mood disorders, insomnia can worsen that mood disorder, "said Dr Avenish Bhar of Navicent Health.

Possession can also lead to more food, which leads to weight gain.

Apart from prescription drugs, there is another way to fight seasonal depression – more light.

"Sometimes people are prescribed a light therapy where they sit in front of the light at the beginning of the day for 30 minutes just to illuminate the light," said Bruce Conn, a licensed therapist at the College Medical Centers.

Both doctors say that adults need about seven hours of sleep each night to function properly.

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