Monday , March 8 2021

Frank Ocean denies that the endless ones arrive at the transmission platforms

Last week, he was informed by Billboard That's Frank Ocean's album Endless It will eventually land on streaming services as a track-by-track disc. Frank responded to this report, declaring in an Instagram comment: "⚡️⚡️ News fake ⚡️⚡️".

Endless, the first of the two releases of 2016 of Frank Ocean, initially left like a musical video of 46 minutes in Apple Music. The album was the last Ocean launch for Def Jam, fulfilling its obligations for the label. In November of 2017, Ocean revealed editions of CD and vinyl Endless. Since its launch in August 2016, Endless It has not been available digitally (e.g., iTunes Store, Spotify, TIDAL, etc.) outside of Apple music.

It is not the first time that Frank Ocean has circumvented the expectations generated by media reports. The # 1 of August of 2016, The New York Times He reported that a new album was called Guys do not shout It would arrive later this week. Endless It did not arrive until August 19, i Blonde it came out on August 20th. Guys do not shout It was the title of its limited limited edition edition.

In 2018, Frank Ocean published a single version: a cover of "Moon River". He also appeared in songs from ASAP Rocky ("Purity" and "Brotha Man") and Travis Scott ("Carousel").

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