Recently Halsey has opened Glamor about how he navigated his public break with G-Eazy. He contemplated how to address the situation. The singer even considered compromising with the users of social networks through the live network, but eventually chose to share their ideas through their composition.

The greatest lesson I have learned is to make art, not headlines, "he said." Because it can be quite easy, in the generation of social media, to become a musician to become a personality.

"Without me" hit the waves as a result. Your letters expose the risk of losing sight of yourself on behalf of a loved one. "I am telling myself a collector; we collect things from people and I use them to expand my artistic repertoire, so I write from a culmination of experiences in the world," continues "But also I'm an imitator because I've put passionately people out of shoes all the time. "

"I won for a long time. It was as if you were shit without thorns. Why do you have to become everyone you have? Why should you imitate all your interests, all mannerisms and your personality? Why can not I know who your photographer is? But I realized that this would never happen, "he said." So I started to wrap myself with the people I admire and like. "

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