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Henrik and Daniel Sedin get Call of Duti Call of Duti

That's the first, but it's probably not the last time to say it. Henrik and Daniel Sedin received a call for the Hall of Fame.

Today it is the BC Hall of Fame, because the Canucks legends stand out in 2019.

The hall is also hosted by the long-time general manager of Detroit Red Wings, Ken Holland.

Here's a complete list of inductors:


  • Emily Bridon (skiing)
  • Roy Gerel (football)
  • Kelli McCallum (rugby)
  • Daniel Sedin (hockey)
  • Henrik Sedin (hockey)


  • Darlene Currie (basketball)
  • Ken Holland (ice hockey)
  • Toni Vaiters (football)

The team

  • 1968 Nev Westminster Salmonbellies (lacrosse)


  • Ralph & Hunk & # 39; Henderson (basketball / football)

VAC Bennett Avard

There are three years of waiting for the Hockey Hall of Fame, so Sedini will have to wait until 2021 before they get that call. Due to winning gold with the Swedish team at the 2006 Olympic Games, Sedina have the right to be referred to the BC Sports Hall of Fame right away.

Given that they have compiled two of Carek's greatest career ever, the Sedens are an easy choice.

"I congratulate this great class of 11 individuals and one team that includes eight sports," said Tom Maienknecht, chairman of the Hall of Famous BC. "The 2019 class is another tribute to how British Columbia has become one of the most important sports centers in Canada. These athletes, coaches, builders, pioneers and the media will surely inspire the future."

All representatives from 2019 will be recorded in the Sports Hall of the famous induction gala of 53 BC. May 23rd. Since 1966, the Hall of Famous BC has received 385 individuals and 60 teams.

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