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January 18, 2019 / 1:13 pm | History:

Tesla will reduce 7% of its workforce, as it tries to reduce prices and get out of the niche car market to produce an electric vehicle that more people can afford.

The cheapest model of Tesla now is Model 3 of $ 44,000, and needs to expand its customer base to survive.

"Looking to the future, our mission to accelerate the appearance of transport and sustainable energy, which is important for life on Earth, faces an extremely difficult challenge: to make it our cars, batteries and solar products are competitive in costs with fossil fuels, "CEO Elon Musk said in a letter to the staff. "Although we have made a lot of progress, our products are still expensive for most people."

Tesla had significantly increased its payroll to achieve the production goals, but then reduced its staff by nine percent in June. The company delivered last year more than 245,000 electric cars and SUVs, almost all the previous years combined. But it still fell far below an objective that made 500,000 vehicles for the first time almost three years.

Musk told October that Tesla Inc., based in Palo Alto, California, had 45,000 employees. The cut of seven percent would mean that around 3,150 people will lose their jobs.

Tesla posted a quarterly profit of $ 311 million in October, only the third quarter profitable in eight years as a public company.

Musk acknowledged that the benefit was motivated by its ability to sell higher priced vehicles in North America. Tesla dominates this market, but wants to make electric vehicles for the masses.

And while the preliminary numbers indicate another profitable quarter, Musk said it seems to be smaller.

Stocks fell 11 percent on Friday.

It has been Teslane's long goal of achieving a smaller and costly Tesla Model 3 along the way.

"As of May, we would have to offer, at least, the variant Model 3 of mid-range in all the markets, since we have to arrive to more clients that can allow our vehicles", Musk said à la carte.

Tesla's key is to produce an entry-level car of $ 30,000, which would place it in direct competition with the major automobile manufacturers.

January 18, 2019 / 1:10 pm | History:

Canadian wheat exports to China jumped almost 200 percent from January through November 2018, as the Asian country stopped buying American campers in the middle of a tariff conflict.

Canadian statistics published on Thursday show that total Canadian wheat exports grew almost 13% during this time of about 15 million tonnes to about 17 million tonnes.

Wheat exports to China grew from near 436,000 tonnes between January and November 2017 to almost 1.3 million tonnes in the same months of 2018.

The December data is not yet available.

The USA, Wheat Associates, claims on its website that US farmers have been excluded from the Chinese market since March 2018, after China announced it would impose a 25 percent import tariff on American wheat .

The group said in July that the ongoing commercial conflict is already hurting farmers, adding that in the last three years, Chinese customers bought 20 million wheat buses from March to June in comparison with no new purchase since March 2018.

January 18, 2019 / 1:07 pm | History:

The Transportation Security Board says a fire on board that forced a WestJet aircraft to return to Calgary International Airport shortly after the launch last June was caused by replacement ion ions batteries Electronic that a passenger could not declare in their checked baggage.

The agency says in a report that a backpack was burned and caused minor thermal damage to the fire-resistant sheet of the cargo compartment near the bag.

An investigation could not determine if the damage occurred before the batteries arrived at the airport or during the handling of the baggage.

The unidentified frequent flyer was aware of the airlines' policies that required that electronic cigarettes and lithium ion batteries only be carried in the cabin and that they were removed from the devices, but that inadvertently left two spare batteries in the checked bag.

The proliferation of personal electronic devices that use these batteries has increased the events that affect the smoke, the fire or the explosion due to the high temperatures that generate. The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has registered 206 incidents that include lithium ion batteries between 1991 and May 2018.

The TSB report says that it is a shared responsibility between passengers, airline companies and security detectors to ensure that the content of the baggage complies with the rules on restricted articles.

| History:

The federal government asks Canadians how they like their vodka.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has opened inquiries about whether to redefine the clear and neutral spirit and open an inter-provincial trade for innovative craft distilleries who want to. try something new.

Under current rules that have not changed in decades, vodka must be made from grains or potatoes and filtered through charcoal.

A new generation of distillers of small lots defy these rules.

Some use everything, from milk to grape, while others are minimizing the leak that eliminates subtle flavors.

Defining the legal definition makes it difficult to sell vodka through the provincial boundaries, although they can be exported internationally.

They say that, historically, vodka was made of whatever a local community had stopped harvesting.

The United States and Europe changed their definition of vodka a long time ago.

January 18, 2019 / 8:26 a.m. | History:

The financial, industrial, and energy sectors helped Canada's main stock index grow more in afternoon trade, while US markets also grow larger.

The index composed of S & P / TSX increased 68.41 points at 15,279.63.

In New York, the industrial average of Dow Jones increased 232.91 points at 24.603.01. The S & P 500 index increased 28.86 points at 2.664.82, while the Nasdaq composite increased 79.79 points at 7,164.25.

The Canadian dollar was trading at 75.51 US cents, compared to an average of 75.22 cents American on Thursday after a rise in the annual inflation rate in December to 2% exceeding the expectations of a reading of 1.7%.

The March crude contract rises to US $ 1.69 to US $ 54.05 per barrel and February's natural gas contract dropped 12.6 cents at US $ 3.29 per mmBTU.

February's February deal decreased to $ 9.60 to $ 1,282.70 a day and the March copper contract increased 3.15 cents at US $ 2.71 per pound.

January 18, 2019 / 7:53 a.m. | History:

The national annual inflation rate of Canada was 2.0 percent in December, according to Statistics Canada. Here is what happened in the provinces (previous month in square brackets):

– Newfoundland and Labrador: 0.5 percent (0.8)

– Isla del Príncipe Eduardo: 1.3 (1.0)

– Nova Scotia: 1.6 (1.8)

– New Brunswick: 0.9 (1.3)

– Quebec: 1,1 (0,9)

– Ontario: 2.3 (1.8)

– Manitoba: 2.1 (1.7)

– Saskatchewan: 1.1 (1.0)

– Alberta: 2.1 (1.7)

– British Columbia: 3.0 (2.4)

Here is a breakdown of the annual inflation rate per city, says Statistics Canada. The agency also posted taxes for major cities, but warned that the figures could have fluctuated widely because they are based on small statistical samples (the previous month in square brackets):

– St. John, N. L.: 0.5 percent (0.7)

– Charlottetown-Summerside: 1.4 (1.0)

– Halifax: 1.5 (1.7)

– Saint John, N.B .: 0.9 (1.3)

– Quebec: 0.9 (0.7)

– Montreal: 1.4 (1.1)

– Ottawa: 2,5 (2,1)

– Toronto: 2.6 (2.1)

– Thunder Bay, Ont.: 2.1 (1.7)

– Winnipeg: 2.0 (1.6)

– Regina: 0.9 (0.8)

– Saskatoon: 1.1 (0.9)

– Edmonton: 2.1 (1.6)

– Calgary: 2.0 (1.4)

– Vancouver: 3.1 (2.3)

– Victoria: 3,2 (2,5)

– Whitehorse, Yukon: 2.0 (1.5)

– Yellowknife, NWT: 2.0 (2.5)

– Iqaluit, Nunavut: 3,5 (2,4)

January 18, 2019/7: 07 am | History:

Investing planning can often be seen as a luxury for those who are financially stable, but advisors say it's especially important for those who are starting their career or struggling with debt.

"Sometimes people think they do not earn enough money to sit down with a financial advisor or talk to a professional," said Sara Zollo, advisor and financial financier with Sun Life Financial.

"I think it's a mistake. I think that, as soon as possible … as soon as possible, your situation will be reversed and it will go down faster. Having a plan is valuable."

Zollo says that his clients go from rich individuals with $ 1 million or more in liquid assets to college graduates who start their first job to those who spend more money than they earn.

The initial advice that gives all clients is to prepare a budget and analyze the cash flow that will show if the client exercises a surplus or a deficit every month.

While debt reduction is vital, Zollo suggests that the allocation should include 80% of the available funds being deducted, with a 20 percent deposit in a temporary savings account.

"Say that there is a different expense as your automobile breaks down, then these people will use their credit card and add up to the debt because they do not have an emergency fund," he said. "They end up being like a hamster in a hamster wheel."

It may take four or five years to pay off the debt, and going so far without any savings or a financial plan would be a critical mistake, says Zollo.

A general rule is to have three to six months of family expenses in case of emergency.

Jason Heath, a rate-based financial planner, points out that those with low-to-moderate income can not benefit and, in some cases, even be penalized if they invest in a plan for retirement savings.

"The real benefit of an RRSP is to get a tax deduction when you are in a high degree of taxes and take out money when you are in a low degree of taxes," he said.

"When the income is low to start, it is not inconceivable that you are putting money in a low tax supplement and drag money with a high tax rate. Sometimes, the highest tax on retirement does not It is necessarily specifically a tax on income, it can be from the government's tax benefits. "

In this case, Heath said that a tax-free savings account may be a better option, but only if the debt has already been paid.

"For anyone with low rates of taxes or low income that can have debts, save money on a TFSA at a percentage (interest) when they have a four percent mortgage, a credit line at eight percent or a debt With 18% or more credit card it does not make any sense, "he said.

"Whether you pay the debt or save it, the ultimate goal is to increase your equity. Debt repayment can be the best investment you can make. The less debt you have, the more you'll save for the future" .

Laurie Campbell, with Credit Canada, says that the best financial advice for people with low incomes is to ask for help if needed.

January 18, 2019 / 5:36 a.m. | History:

Statistics Canada says that the consumer price index in December increased by 2.0 percent compared to the previous year.

The movement was compared with a year-on-year increase of 1.7 percent for November.

Economists were expecting a year-on-year increase of 1.7 percent in December, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

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January 17, 2019 / 5:33 a.m. | History:

The number of furlugos federal workers seeking unemployment benefits jumped in the first two weeks of the stop, exceeding 10,000 during the week of January 5.

The Department of Labor says it is twice the number of federal workers who requested help in the previous week. Normally, fewer than a thousand former federal officials apply for unemployment benefits every week.

Federal employees who do not work during the closure are eligible to claim unemployment benefits, while those who work without a salary are not, said the work department. However, even those home-based senders will have to pay unemployment costs if they receive payment once the shutdown is complete.

The number of Americans in general who obtained unemployment benefits last week decreased from 3,000 to 213,000, the government said. This figure does not include federal beneficiaries.

January 17, 2019 / 5:10 a.m. | History:

Husky Energy Inc. is moving away from its bid for acquisition host for MEG Energy Corp. after not getting sufficient support from shareholders.

Husky says that there have also been several negative surprises in the market since it announced its offer at the end of September last year.

The company mentioned production cuts for the oil industry commissioned by the Alberta government and the lack of progress in the development of the Canadian oil export channel.

The business offer for MEG expired on Wednesday.

All MEG shares that have been awarded to the offer will be returned to the shareholders.

Husky launched its stock and stock offer in September, but MEG declined the offer too low.

Companies of this story: (TSX: HSE, TSX: MEG)

January 17, 2019 / 5:07 a.m. | History:

British Prime Minister Theresa May was consulting opposition parties and other lawmakers on Thursday in a battle to launch Brexit after surviving a vote of confidence, even though there was little immediate sign A breakthrough in the negotiations marked as a "trick" for the leading leader opposition.

The countries of the European Union intensified the preparations for a messy British exit on March 29 after the US Parliament rejected the May withdrawal treatment of Brexit with the block.

The legislators launched the deal on Tuesday, with a crushing defeat for May, which suffered the worst parliamentary defeat in modern British history.

The blows were followed by a vote of non-confidence in the government, but the minority conservative government of May survived this Wednesday night with the support of its North-Irish ally, the Democratic Unionist Party.

He said that he would hold talks "constructively" with leaders of opposition parties and other lawmakers in an attempt to find a way forward for the EU's exit to Britain.

The government confirmed that in May a deadline of Monday will be fulfilled to publish a plan B and that the legislators will have a full day to debate, and, ultimately, modify it – on January 29.

There was little sign of a breakthrough at joining the factions of Brexit in Parliament, contradictory demands ranging from postponing the departure date of Britain to to a new referendum on whether they are going to leave the EU or are left.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main Labor party of the opposition, said he will not meet in May until he took a "Brexit" without treatment outside the table.

"To get a deal that can command a majority in Parliament, Theresa May must divert the red lines and take serious proposals about the future," Corbyn said in a speech to supporters of the English coastal city of Hastings.

"The offer of conversations with party leaders at night turned out to be simply a trick, not the serious attempt to compromise with the new reality that is needed," he said.

Green Party lawmaker Caroline Lucas, who met on Thursday morning in May, said the prime minister was "in a fantasy world" if he thought the deal could be transformed before Monday.

"Parliament is blocked," he said.

To date, so far, it has not had a lot of inclination to make important changes to your business or to strive to insist that Brexit supposes leaving the EU's single market and the customs union. Many lawmakers believe that a smoother output than the single market or the Customs Union maintained is the only plan capable of winning the majority in Parliament. They fear that the alternative is an abrupt withdrawal of "non-dealings" from the block, which companies and economists fear they would cause turmoil.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, leader of the Labor Party for a long time, told the BBC on Thursday it would be "sensible" that Corbyn meets May to better define the type of Brexit that Britain wants. He warned that a "non-deal" Brexit would make substantial damage to the British economy.

While the British flourish, the other 27 EU countries have stood firm, saying they will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and insist that the British government and its legislators decide what they want to do.

Some British lawmakers want an extension of the negotiations with the EU to be requested and postpone the March 29 deadline for leaving the block, while others press for a second Brexit referendum.

The French prime minister, Edouard Philippe, held a special government meeting Thursday on planning to face a "non-business" Brexit.

The French parliament adopted a law Wednesday that allows emergency measures after March 30 in the event that Britain leave without an agreement.

January 16, 2019 / 4:06 p.m. | History:

Airbus SE broke Wednesday on the assembly line of the A220 aircraft at its facilities in Mobile, Ala., The first step in a US $ 300 million construction project paid by Bombardier Inc.

This sum represents a piece of 925 million US dollars that the manufacturer of Quebec's aircraft and cars could face in late 2021 under an alliance that saw Airbus take over the C series, now known as A220, last July without paying a penny.

The event took place at the Airbus plant in Alabama, where you are already riding the popular A320 passenger jet. The French plane giant said the new project will create 400 factory works.

It is anticipated that the production of the narrow body A220 will start in the third quarter, regardless of whether it has completed the construction of the plant, to make the first installments in the year 2020.

Airbus said the project will generate economic spinffs for Quebec, foreseeing that suppliers from the north of the A220 will go about 400 million dollars a month once Mirabel, Que. I Mobile are working at full capacity.

The two plants will produce 10 airplanes and four airplanes per month, respectively, according to the company.

"The cost of parts produced by all Quebec suppliers, including Bombardier, exceeds 2.6 million dollars for each aircraft," Airbus said.

The A220 has 537 firm orders from 19 clients, including Delta Air Lines, JetBlue and Moxy, according to the latest data from the company. This includes 135 orders made by US airlines since Airbus took over six months ago, a takeover bid that was announced for the first time in October 2017.

The project will also receive 16 million US dollars in the form of incentives from local, regional and state governments, Airbus said.

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