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How much will Victoria Beckham do for a girl's tour? Spoiler – Potentially much


According to Spice Girls, friendship never ends – nor is it a business partnership. Undoubtedly, the members of the group for my group are moving quite a dozen, however, there have been several reports circulating that Victoria Beckham can still get a piece of pie although she does not collect on the scene. Obviously, thanks to some excellent business deals that give it a share of the profits, the tour will still be a little banknote for Posh Spice. So, how much will Victoria Beckham do for a merger tour?

He said the source Sun as one of the original members of the band, actually "has a significant reduction in the image and music rights of Spice Girls". This means that it receives a payment check whenever the images and music it owns are used, and you can bet that it will only be on the campaign market only in the campaign. According to The mirror, UK is "set to make millions" and SunThe source says that "it does not have to stop the foot on the stage to benefit from the gathering."

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I came to the reporter for Victoria Beckham to see if she had any truth, but TBH makes sense. She was founding member, and she is still referred to as the active director of the group company Spice Girls Limited. (Mel B, Geri Hallivell, Mel C, and Emma Bunton are also active directors.) The band worked tone when she was younger, before their breakup, which happened shortly after Gary Hallivell decided to go on a standstill in 1998. The band officially went to the hiatus in 2000, but he never really came back together until now forbidding several reunion performances here and there.

TMZ reports that four Girls Girls Girls, Babi, Ginger, Scari and Sport Spice will make over 2.2 million pounds in a tour in the UK. It's worth noting that this is based only on the dates they have already announced and since Mel B has fallen main suggests there will be more concerts, they could do more. Even if VB barely cooperates with a small part of that money, I bet there will still be a fairly regular amount.

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He said another source The mirror earlier in June "[Beckham] will invest a lot of money even if it does not participate in the gathering. It's rugged feathers, because it still benefits from great exploitation without much. At the moment, she wants a minimum share. "

Although we will not see Posh Spice joining girls, there is no bad blood between spices. Between her fashion brand, family and potential crossing in Miami, she has enough hands and makes sense her priorities are somewhere else.

She still rejoiced that her comrades commented well: "Being in Spice Girls was a very important part of my life and I would like my girls to be so kind and fun as they return to the tour, I know they will put on an incredible performance and fantastic fans the past and the present will have a wonderful time! "

Tickets for the Spice Girls reunion tour will be live at 10:30 on Saturday, so be sure to set up your alarms. You do not want to miss it.

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