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"I forgive you": the widow of the Humboldt Broncos coach shows mercy to the driver of the deadly semifinal

The widow of the adored Humboldt Broncos coach, Darcy Haugan, was the first person who gave a statement of impact to the victim on Tuesday at the court hearing for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu in Melfort , Sask.

"I forgive you," Christina Haugan told the court. "The injustice and the sadness are still there, but I have been forgiven for the things I have done. If you ever want to know more about Darcy, come to ask me."

A freeway accident between the Sidhu semitrailer and the Humboldt Broncos team bus left 16 people dead and 13 injured. Haugan died on the fall.

Darcy Haugan, 42, was the head coach of the Broncos for three years and directed dozens of young players over the years. The "central pact" of Haugan, which included dealing with colleagues and co-workers with respect and thank you for the opportunity to wear the Bronco T-shirt, has been painted on the walls of the # 39; stadium Elgar Petersen to Humboldt.

Last year, he received the Willie O & # 39; Ree Award from the NHL to have a positive impact on his community through the hockey game.

Christina Haugan pointed out that Sidhu "had a weapon in his hands" when he had the transport truck driver involved in the shock. He called the actions of Sidhu extremely negligent and said there were no consequences.

"Mr. Sidhu, you had control over that day," he told the courtroom.

BBC journalist Jason Warick is tweeting live from the court hearing. On mobile? Click here.

The head of the Broncos, Darcy Haugan, who lived in Humboldt but was from Peace River, Alta, was one of the murders on the fall. He is survived by his wife Christine and her two children. (Family photo)

Paul Jefferson, the Madrilenian player of the Broncos players, Parker Tobin, who died on the fall, and Tyler Smith, who was seriously injured, also echoed the words of Haugan's forgiveness.

"When it was found guilty, it was easier for me to say:" I forgive, "he told reporters outside the court." But I also know that pain is a journey and I have to forgive to keep moving forward. "

Jefferson said he thinks Sidhu's remorse should be remembered by the court during the sentence.

"Some mercy is important," he said. "My request [is] that the court considers that his life is not ruined forever by this terrible and terrible error. "

Never forgive

But the mother of Jaxon Joseph, who died at the fall, said that he will never forgive Sidhu.

"He broke the neck of my baby and struck both his lungs," said Andrea Joseph to Sidhu. "Have you ever kissed a dead body before? It's so cold, delicate. We just wanted to heat it."

Joseph said he left "desperate messages over and over again" on Jaxon's phone after listening to the shock.

Team captain, Logan Schatz, was among the murdered players in the Humboldt Broncos bus accident. (Canadian Press)

He then entered the car and drove five hours to the hospital.

"Our baby needed us, dead or alive," he told the court.

Jaxon's father, Chris, said he took out his son's socks at the funeral home and, since then, he took them in his own pants pocket.

He took the averages to see Sidhu.

"I can not smell it anymore," he said.

Andrea Joseph said he expects a precedent to be established with a tough prison sentence to prevent more people from dying on the roads of Canada.

"You broke it, and that's why I'll never forgive you".

"We are ruined"

The family of the late player Adam Herold said his loss was devastating.

"Losing my son is not something I will achieve," said his mother Raelene. "We are ruined."

The family has not buried the ashes of Adam. His father, Russ, said he sometimes places the ballot box in his lap and speaks with her.

"You, sir, have taken the only brother that my daughter had," he said. "You have taken your hero … you have also caused the end of our family farm".

Earlier this month, Sidhu pleaded guilty to 16 dangerous driving accidents causing death and 13 condoms driving dangerous causing bodily harm.

Jaxon Joseph was one of the players who died at the fall of the Humboldt bus. (Family photo)

During this week's hearing, it is expected that dozens of friends and relatives of the victims report to the court how the tragedy affected them.

The mother of team captain, Logan Schatz, who died on the fall, said he was tortured by thoughts of the collision, and that pain has consumed his life.

"I'm still waiting for the pain to get up a bit," said Bonnie Schatz. "It was a cry that I never knew how to exist."

Russell Herold had waited for his son, Adam, to take over the family farm one day. (Russell and Raelene Herold)

She said she will never see her son become a father, and he thinks it would have been great.

"It's a pain I would not want anyone," he said. "I am grateful that this part of the nightmare finishes".

According to a statement of facts agreed upon, Sidhu was solely responsible for the accident.

A forensic collision report found that the Sidhu semitrailer did not stop at the intersection of the 335 and 35 freeways prior to the accident, despite numerous indications with flashing lights to warn drivers.

The report says that Sidhu's vision of the intersection was not hampered by environmental factors such as trees near the road or the sun in the eyes.

Relatives and friends leave the midday rest on the first day of Monday on the conviction in Melfort, Sask., For Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the driver of the truck that hit the bus that carried the " Humboldt Broncos hockey last April. (Ryan Remiorz / Canadian Press)

The prosecutor of the Crown did not comment on the sentence that Sidhu seeks.

The maximum sentence for dangerous driving causing death is 14 years in prison. A law professor at the University of Saskatchewan said that a dangerous conduction causing death has usually resulted in prison terms of between two and five years.

Sentence hearing is scheduled until Friday.

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