Sunday , October 17 2021

Insane Rocket Launcher exploit found Fortnite Battle Royale

There have been several errors detected lately in Fortnite, and it seems that there would be another one when the players use the rocket launcher.

The powerful weapon was added to Fortnite in update v1.6 and is always a must-have weapon for players.

It has always been a dangerous weapon to use, since the rocket launcher would damage the players close, including the shooter, so far.

A post on the FortniteBR subreddit shows a video where the PreyBeats player could destroy a hut without causing any damage and ending the final player of a Victory Royale.

Epic I think I should work on this exploit. Your way too much op of FortNiteBR

"If you stay at one side of the pyramid and the rocket on the other side as I have done, do not give you any damage and you will fall into the opponent's face," said ReyBeats after showing the strategy, which could also be OP for Fortnite.

PreyBeats was also using a handgun, which has also been subjected to bombs lately Players claim that the weapon is too powerful.

Fafa Clan's Tfue He also demonstrated a grappler exploitation that allows players to gain an easy footing advantage at Fortnite.

Epic Games are often quick to implement patches to solve this type of weapon errors.

Do you think the rocket launcher or the handgun will happen next?

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