Sunday , February 28 2021

Is it resigning or not? The liberal parliamentarian from far away will not say

OTTAWA – The liberal deputy who said he was going to resign appeared in the House of Commons on Tuesday to deliver a long-term defense of his character and did not indicate whether he would leave his seat or not.

Nicola Di Iorio resigned as of January 22 or when the session of the House was resumed, which was on January 28. The auto statement term came after many months of Commons absence.

Before he got up in Commons on Tuesday, it was thought he could announce his departure.

Instead, Di Iorio focused his comments on the NDP appeal to a parliamentary inquiry into his resignation. NDP parliamentarian Nathan Cullen had raised the issue in November and, again, in December, arguing first that his explanation for not being in the House of Commons is not "adequate" and his absence violated the rights of his voters representing Ottawa and then he was deceiving Parliament.

Defending itself, Di Iorio said that neither the Ombudsman nor the ethics commissioner had found a violation of the rules. He says the attempt by the NDP to raise the problem was aimed at cutting off his reputation.

During his statements, Di Iorio acknowledged his earlier stated intention to resign, but only by the way. He also made other claims that CTV News has not yet been able to verify, even if he did not receive a salary for the moment he was not in the House; and made a donation of $ 100,000 to a charity without driving spirit deteriorated during this time.

MPs receive a salary of $ 172,000, but after being absent for 21 days, they can have $ 120 per day recovered every day ahead.

When the deputies vacate their seat, they can announce their intention to resign to the Commons floor, or deliver a written letter declaring their departure. At this point, the president may inform the head of the vacancy office of the vacancy to open the potential of a direct election.

The president's office has confirmed to CTV News that statements by Di Iorio in the Chamber do not constitute an official resignation statement, nor have the speaker received a letter stating that it is reducing.

The liberal parliament of the Montreal area announced for the first time in the spring of 2018 that he would abandon politics, citing family reasons, but never resigned in his place. He said this fall that he was taking time to contemplate his political future. While he was plotting his political career, Di Iorio had not been seen at the headquarters of the House of Commons, but he had been working as a lawyer.

Di Iorio has previously stated that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved his absence from the hill to work on horseback projects.

Trudeau has raised questions about the departure plan of his MP.

Arrived by CTV News to comment, Di Iorio would not confirm whether he resigned or not, and was delayed in his comments to the House.

CTV News is waiting for comments from the Prime Minister's office in this regard.

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