Tuesday , June 22 2021

"It was tough": Mandi Moore says marriage with Ryan Adams was a "dark" period of her life

Mandi Moore went through a "dark period" while she was married to former husband Ryan Adams.

The Star This Is Us starring in 2009, but admits she was never happy about it, and when she tried to focus on her career, she lost a bit.

"When I return to this particular time period we are talking about … it was difficult," she says Bustle. "It was dark, it was confusing, it was lonely, there was no place for me, there was not room for me to have anything else in my life."

The actress and singer, now 36, recently told Glamour magazine that she wanted her to marry, arguing that it was a big mistake.

"(It was not the smartest decision)," she said. "I did not choose the right person … (I was) spiritually and fundamentally stuck."

Moore and Adams split in 2015 and officially divorced a year later, shortly before she reached her role in the Emergency Drama This Is Us, and her professional and personal life has since been focused, especially now she is hired to bother another musician, Tailor Goldsmith.

"These monumental shifts in your life … are coming in great costs," she continues. "That (divorce) was not the decision I made flattering."

"It's no coincidence for me that when I did this hard work, I opened my life in a way that I could never expect," she says. "When I did it, it was as if the sun was returning again. In every way, I felt like:" Oh, now I live the life I need to live "."

She told Glamor that she was convinced that Goldsmith was her related relative, and had to go through a marriage to find him: "I can not imagine a better partner …" she said for the publication. "I will be happy to overcome it a million times before bringing me back to Tailor."

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