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Jets players were frustrated with OC Jeremy Bates: sources


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Jets' dressing players seemed to have a universal look and respect for Todd Bowles and believed in what he was doing.

Apparently, the same was not true about the offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.

There was a growing frustration with the Bates scheme and its game among the offensive Jets players, according to multiple NFL sources, a frustration that was important enough that concerns were brought to the cover of Jets. It was not clear if the players approached themselves, or the word was going through their agents. But a source made it clear that "Mike (Maccagnan, the GM Jets) knew all about it."

Veteran recipient Jermaine Kearse He gave a voice to some of the complaints on Monday when he told reporters he was not happy with the way Bates used it this season. Kearse, who had only 37 shots for 371 yards, said he felt like Bates put him on the "back burner." He also said that "it was not a match" for what Bates wanted to do.

"I felt that I was not part of that," Kearse said. "I felt that I put a little more in the background, which could happen. For me, leaving my best year statistically the previous year, I had very high expectations. It was really frustrating and unfortunate that things were not in the way I expected, what happens sometimes.

"I think (the Bates system) has played a role? Yes".

But the disconcerting way that Kearse, a free agent-to-be who had 65 shots for 810 yards and five touchdowns a year earlier, was just one of the problems with Bates. A player had a problem with what he considered a crime that "lacked creativity" and was too conservative. This was a frequent criticism of the Bates plan, especially at the beginning of the season when he seemed reluctant to let the young quarterback Sam Darnold throw the field

Kearse had let glimpse the problems of November. When asked if the Jets' offense was to be more creative, he said: "I prefer to pass this question. I'm sorry." And when asked about the level of team trust in Bates, he called "a tough question" and refused to answer that as well.

"Some things were out of control," Kearse told the press on Monday. "Things changed from the previous year to now: it's definitely frustrating. I'm not going to sit here and I'll blame him. I'm responsible for a responsibility. I'm out of the field, it also weighs. It was not a match ".

An NFL agent who represents at least one offensive player scheduled to be a free agent said that even if the Jets had kept Bowles, they would have had to fire Bates if they wanted to shoot at any of the offensive agents of the " # 39; free agency they desperately need.

This was the second consecutive season that Bowles had problems with his offensive coordinator. His previous coordinator, John Morton, lasted only one season and was fired after what he said a source of multiple clashes with other players and players in the team. A former player said then that many offensive players had expressed private frustrations with the game and the Morton game layout.

The offensive problems of the coordinator highlighted one of the biggest problems of the Bowles: his inability to gather superior personnel. Neither Morton nor Bates were his best options to be his offensive coordinator, said a team source. His tenuous job security and the lack of talent on the list made Bowles able to recruit the coaches he wanted.

In one year as an offensive coordinator, the Jets offense was not good. He ranked number 29 in the NFL, with an average of 299.2 yards per game, 25 per pass (197.8) and 26 per race (101.4). The Jets earned an average of only 20.8 points per game, which was 23 years in the league.

However, in 42-year Bates' justice, the Jets were not overwhelmed with offensive talent. Its best receiver, Quincy Enunwa, he battled injuries throughout the season. Kearse, no matter what he thought of his role, fought for most of the year. He lost both his back and injured runner – Bilal Powell i Isaiah Crowell – and before that Elijah McGuire I had lost half of the season.

At the end of the season, Bates was working with an offensive line of attack, a third rope and a shuttle ringer (Andre Roberts) as one of its main receivers. And, of course, I played with a novice quarterback throughout the year.

This, however, was actually the greatest success of Bates. Darnold had an inexperienced and upward season, completing 57.7 percent of his passages for 2,865 yards in 13 games, with 17 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. But under the direction of Bates, Darnold finished strong, completing 64 percent of his passes in the last four games of the season for 931 yards, six touchdowns and only one interception. This was good for a quarterback passport classification of 99.1.

It is believed that Bates is still under contract with the Jets although Bowles was officially dismissed on Sundays at night. However, it is not expected to return with the Jets, and it is hoped that all former Bowles attendees may be fired.

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