Saturday , April 17 2021

Keys affected by a strange problem in the Carstairs Co-op store

There is a bit of a mystery that is being created in a small central Alberta community that has been tracing a grocery store and is causing chaos with key remote keys

About three weeks ago, people who parked in the Carstairs Co-op grocery store realized the difficulty they had with their keys when trying to block or unlock their vehicles.

"We were notified about three weeks ago of a number of clients who had difficulties with their remote controls. It was a mystery at this time," says Stephen Kennedy, manager of active protection with Co- op

The perplexed drivers, who fought with the remotely malfunctioned, used to end their car alarms and could not close them.

Kristina Kapeller, a co-owner of a car repair shop on the street, says drivers often receive help.

"They come because the alarms are disappearing. They go about six to eight times the minimum. Come and they say that my vehicle will not detect my key, so we have to come."

Kapeller says that, mainly, it seems that they are Dodge cars that are affected, but that also happens in others.

"Any vehicle that has a thrust start seems to be affected, but Dodge seems to be the same. All we had to help so that their key stopped ringing them had been Dodge."

Over the past two weeks, he says he has helped two dozen people with their obstinate fobs.

"I helped a lady who was 80 years old and a 20-year-old couple who did not know what was happening and that they went through."

Shirley Macrae, who travels from Calgary, says he was experiencing the strange problem with his new Hyundai on Thursday morning.

"I came out and closed it and thought that" I managed to get my iPhone, "so I came back and I had to press the fob four times to enter this way, which is abnormally, really. I do not know what happened. "

Kennedy says they have been in contact with the province, but the problem has to do with the radio frequencies that remote people use to communicate with their associated vehicles. However, what is disturbing this connection is still a mystery.

"We have exhausted all the things that we have control, now we only hope that the ministry will obtain the right tools and technology to see if they can identify it."

The surrounding companies will run another plan to try to track the place where the signal comes from. On Thursday afternoon, each one of them will close their power one at a time to see if any of them is guilty.

Even if they can not learn anything, Kapeller will continue to help where he can.

"I feel bad because I have been in a situation where my vehicle will not start, or whatever that is the case, and people just look at you and allow you to sit there. I do not want people to be like that."

(With files by Kevin Fleming)

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