Sunday , April 11 2021

Klefbom of oilers suffers an apparent mishap in exchange for the broken finger

EDMONTON – Of all the traits, hiring and trips around the Edmonton Oilers, the most impactful transaction will be, to a large extent, when they activate defense number one Oscar Klefbom of the injured reserve.

Oilers hoped it could return to their extended all-star break, but a setback on Thursday's practice may have altered these plans.

Klefbom, who broke a finger on December 11 and did not play since then, returned with a special glove and opened the practice with his usual companion, Adam Larsson. But near the end of the practice, Klefbom took a stick on his injured left hand and required attention from the Oilers trainer.

Although he was left out of the ice, Klefbom did not participate in the last 15 minutes of the Oilers practice, clearly it is not a signal that his injured digit is ready for the game's action.

"Things happen," he said, putting on a brave face after practice. "Someone tried to hit the hard drive, and hit me where I was not supposed to hit me. This happens. It's fine now."

Oilers play daytime games in Philadelphia on Saturdays and Sundays in Montreal. They had the hope of having the leader of their minutes and the ninth back defender on the ice of Philly, but they expected what looked like a serious blow on Thursday.

"Let's see (Friday). We have another practice. Let's see how you feel (Friday)," Klefbom said. "It's been a long wait. And I can not wait to be in the ice and play some games."

Oilers practice at 9 a.m. from MT Friday before renting to Philadelphia.

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