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Louis C.K. Stirs Outrage with jokes about survivors of Parkland features, gender identity problems – variety


Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. He has aroused more outrage after pointing out to Parkland's survivors and the concerns of gender identity in a recent set at a comedy club in Long Island.

A 48 minute audio recording of C.K. It came out on the brink of Sunday on YouTube. It was described as a set released on December 16 at the Levittown Governor's Comedy Club.

C.K. The set begins, observing that it has had a hard time in the 14 months since several women advanced accusing him of sexual harassment and misconduct. C.K. acknowledged the truth of the statements made in a New York Times that was exposed in November 2017.

"Have one Whole year that sucks 365 s-c-days followed? "C.K. asks the crowd.

Among the most incendiary comments of C.K they are directed to the survivors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last February that left 17 people dead in Parkland, Fla. C.K. He said that in general he was not impressed by the younger generation now that he is 51, calling them "boring."

"You are not interesting because you went to a high school where the children shot, "C.K. said." Why does that mean that I have to listen to you? How does it make it interesting? You will not throw He pushed a fat boy on the way. Now I have to listen to it speaking?

C.K. He also expressed his dismay at the new attitudes towards gender identity and the emergence of new norms for gender pronouns. He delivered some lines with a stereotypical lisp that will surely attract the anger of LGBT activists.

"They tell you what to call them." You should address me like them to identify yourself as gender neutral, "he said." "You should be addressing me because I do not. # 39 ; identify how location and location are the c of your mother "."

C.K. He also pushed forward "delayed" people, the difference in penis size between black, white and Asian men, and used a gay rejection in a reference to his doctor as "an old f-Jewish."

As the game continues, C.K. He acknowledges that some of his comments will cause controversy, but emphasizes that he has little to lose.

"What will you do, will I take my birthday? My life is over. I do not give myself one," he said.

After C.K. He was exposed to sexual misconduct, including the habit of making comic books cheer up, the comedian lost his business with FX Networks and had to get rid of a Theatrical release of his latest film production "I Love You Daddy". He returned to the stage in October and November with a few sets at the New York Wine Comedy club who also criticized his defensive tone.

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