Saturday , April 17 2021

Love breakfasts with cavas during practice, close to playing

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio: The return of Kevin Love to the Cavaliers could be a few days away.

The All-Star striker, who has only played four games this season, took part in a complete contact on Tuesday, August 5, an important step in his recovery from the surgery of the # 39, left

"He really did it very well," Cavs coach Larry Drew said after encouraging training. "It's been a great move: it's a bit surprising, it's the first time you've really been in a contact situation where we've really been going up and down and there's real contact. I thought it was moving a lot well, he did well basketball. "

Love has been released since the end of October after performing a surgical intervention on his left foot, which injured the Cleveland exhibitor against Boston. The 30-year-old man tried to suffer pain at the beginning of the regular season before doctors recommended surgery.

The Cavs have been anxiously awaiting the return of Love. Initially, the club hoped it would be back at the end of December. Then, his return was rejected in mid-January. Now, they're happy to come back to everyone.

Cleveland will host Dallas on Saturday, but Drew said he would "push him" because Love would play then.

"We are waiting to see what it is like after completing a complete practice with the contact," Drew said. "We will see how it is when it arrives tomorrow. If there is no setback, we will have another practice and we will see how it does. But I can not project when ready to play."

Drew was excited to see the love run and reject the classmates.

"We know that he can shoot the ball, but only his movement is what has been really encouraging," Drew said. "How has it been moving, how it has been planting, how it has been cutting. Since any type of injury that occurs in a leg, a foot, ankle, whatever you are, always looks to see at any time. how the man responds to the contact.

"It's something to go out and take shots on your own, but when you actually have people that have hit you, you face the course. That can take care of you. We hope there will be no setbacks; Now it seems that there is no. We will see how it is tomorrow. "

After facing Mavericks, the Cavs will host Boston on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old love signed a four-year contract and 120 million dollars last summer. He had the hope of keeping the Cavs in a playoff contest, as they were rebuilt in their first season, as LeBron James came out as a free agent.

But the Cavs have been affected by injuries – forward Tristan Thompson is still out with a torn foot and only has 11-41.

Drew has been encouraged by the recent work of the team. The Cavs have won two straight games in their confrontation with the Mavericks.

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