Thursday , July 7 2022

Masai Ujiri: "Do not lose a second sound" for the departure of Kawhi


The president of Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri, has a message to fans who could still be broken at the start of the 2019 final MVP Kawhi Leonard: "We'll be fine."

Speaking to the media for the first time since it was reported that Leonard was heading for the Los Angeles Clippers, Ujiri expressed his appreciation to Leonard for helping the Raptors win their first championship, but did not seem too relentless about the his separation in a free agency. .

"I want to say that it definitely has our blessings," Ujiri told reporters in Las Vegas. "He gave everything while he was with us and we thank him very much. I told him later and he was very good and I think we've got a lot out of it. We won a championship. And now he is next.

"This is the NBA and that's how it works. I always say: "You can not hide under the table and cry." Honestly, I have not lost the sound, I am not disappointed. It's next. I tell the followers of Raptors and everyone: do not lose a second of sound. We'll be fine "

Having said that, Ujiri said that during the negotiation process he and his staff felt quite good about their chances of persuading Leonard to stay.

"I think of these things that always rely on what you are doing," Ujiri said. "Throughout the process I was sure, but I understand how there is a free agency. You base things in some of the things we have done and we are partializing a bit: we won a championship, it was good, blah blah blah . "

In the end, however, he did not show enough. One sure thing, however, Ujiri seemed to value Leonard – and perhaps only Leonard – during this process.

"I think it was," Ujiri said when asked if Leonard was in front of the Raptors before suspending suspicion and adding: "It was Kawhi."

"I know what we are dealing here," he added. "I appreciate what the process was and I know there is a free agency, this was not my first rodeo, so things will go up and down and this was a type of free agency. It was a strong bet and we understood it ".

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