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Measles at the border – World news


January 26, 2019 / 9:40 p.m. | History:

The Louisiana authorities said they are looking for a "armed and dangerous," 21-year-old, accused of killing their parents and three more in two separate shots, but related Saturday.

Authorities say Dakota Theriot shot for the first time and killed three people: the woman believed she was her girlfriend, her brother and father, in the parish of Livingston, before picking up her truck Father, leading to the neighboring Ascension parish where he shot and killed his parents.

"We are totally focused on finding it. We are following all the advantages that we present ourselves," said Sheriff of the Livingston parish, Jason Ard, during a nightly press conference broadcast online.

Theriot was searched for first-degree murders and other charges. It was believed that it was driving a collection of Dodge Ram 2004, gray and silver.

The authorities have identified the victims in the parish of Livingston as Billy Ernest, 43; Tanner Ernest, 17; and Ernest summer, 20. Ard said the summer Ernest and Dakota Theriot were in a relationship and that Theriot had been living with his family for a few weeks.

But he said after speaking to Summer's mother, there were no signs of red flags before the many Saturday shootings.

The authorities previously identified the other two victims as parents of Theriot: Keith, 50, and Elizabeth Theriot, 50, of Gonzales.

They shot the trailer on Saturday morning.

"The father was seriously injured when we found him and since then he died," said Sheriff Parish of Ascension, Bobby Webre. But before he died, Webre said that the authorities were able to obtain a "dying declaration of him, and only enough information to let us know that his son was the one who committed this act."

Webre said there were indications that Theriot traveled to the east and was perhaps in another state until now.

"We will work on all the advantages. We will follow all the advice," he said during the press conference in the afternoon.

Ard said that Dakota Theriot is believed to be armed with at least one random weapon.

"We have no reason. It is still not determined," said Ard.


January 26, 2019 / 8:15 pm | History:

UPDATE 8:15 p.m.

Two bombs exploded outside a Roman Catholic cathedral on a southern Philippine island where Muslim militants are active, who killed at least 19 people and hurt nearly 50 during a Sunday Mass, officials said.

The first bomb appeared in the capital of the province, near the cathedral of Jolo, and after a second explosion outside the compound, while the government forces responded to the attack, security officials reported .

The head of the Philippine national police, Oscar Albayalde, said that at least 19 people died and 48 were injured. The police and military reports said the victims were both troops and civilians.

The images on the social networks showed remains and bodies that were located in a busy street, outside the cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, which has been hit by bombs from the past. The troops of the armored carriers sealed the main road leading to the church while the vehicles transported the dead and wounded to the hospital. Some victims were evacuated by air in the city of Zamboanga.

"I have directed our troops to increase their level of alertness, secure all places of worship and public places at the same time, and initiate proactive security measures to thwart hostile plans," Defense Secretary Dolphin Lorenzana said at a statement

Jolo Island has been deeply concerned about the presence of Abu Sayyaf militants, who are on the black list of the United States and the Philippines as a terrorist organization due to bombing, kidnapping, and decapitations .

No one has immediately taken responsibility for the attack.

ORIGINAL 7:27 p.m.

Philippine officials say two bombs exploded outside of a Roman Catholic cathedral on a southern island where Muslim militants are active, killing at least eight people.

Security officials say the first bomb was shot at or near Jolo Cathedral during a Sunday Mass, followed by a second explosion outside the compound while government forces responded to the attack.

Police and military reports say that at least eight people died, including five soldiers and three civilians. At least one civilian has been hurt.

The island of Jolo has been very concerned about the presence of Abu Sayyaf militants, who are on the black list of the United States and the Philippines as a terrorist organization due to bombings, kidnappings and decapitations.

No one has claimed the responsibility immediately.

Public health officials in southwestern Washington, on the other side of the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, said people could have been exposed to measles, a dangerous disease, in more than three- Locations including the Portland International Airport, a game of Portland Trail Blazers, an Amazon Location and Locker stores such as Costco and Ikea.

The number of measles cases confirmed near Portland has grown to 31 on Friday, an outbreak driven by vaccination rates lower than usual, in what has been called a "hot spot" against US vaccination.

Twenty-six of the confirmed patients had not been vaccinated against measles and the vaccination status of four infected people was unknown. One of the children has been hospitalized. The authorities claim that nine additional cases are suspected.

One case has also been confirmed in the county of King, which is the home of Seattle and was confirmed on Friday night in the county of Multnomah, which is the seat of Portland.

Most of the cases involved children under 10 years of age, the Clark County Department of Public Health said in a statement. An adult is infected and the rest are teenagers. Oregon officials did not provide the adult age of infected there.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat, said on Friday a public state health emergency for his state. The authorities of neighboring Oregon and Idaho have issued warnings.

Inslee said that the number of cases "creates an extreme risk of public health that can quickly spread to other counties."

The measles vaccine has been part of routine childhood routines for decades, and measles was declared eliminated in the US in 2000.

But measles is still a big problem in other parts of the world. Travelers infected in the foreign country can enter the virus in the country and spread it, causing periodic outbreaks.

Last year, there were 17 outbreaks and around 350 measles cases in the US

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January 26, 2019 / 12:57 p.m. | History:

The name of Harvey Weinstein was intrinsically tied to the Sundance Film Festival for years, which makes it true that 14 months after its disappearance, the festival hosted the world premiere of a documentary about its rise and fall.

"I am very happy to be in Sundance," said "untouchable," director Ursula Macfarlane, the film debuted last night at Park City. "It's the perfect place for a movie about Harvey."

The film is semi-biographical of the unfortunate tycoon, full of interviews by people who knew him as a promoter of concerts in Buffalo, who worked alongside him at Miramax and The Weinstein Company, like Zelda Perkins, her former assistant, director Mark Gill and producer Jack Lechner. He also has a handful of women who advanced to accuse him of sexual misconduct, including the actresses Rosanna Arquette, Erika Rosenbaum, Caitlin Dulany and Paz de la Huerta.

"We knew that in the end we wanted to explain some of the stories of the prosecutors, but we could not spend the entire film telling these stories because it would probably be too intense and too much," Macfarlane said. "We also wanted to tell the story of Harvey and understand the type of human being he was, and why he liked the people and why he had that charm and that enchantment where he could attract people. We could not say he was a monster and it was raping people for 40 years … We wanted to understand how he got in a place where he could do these things. "

Weinstein has denounced all non-consensual sex claims. The Friday premiere took place hours after Weinstein appeared in a court in Manhattan to change his legal team in a case of sexual assault and rape.

The former employees of the film describe their charisma and power and the extraordinary that it was part of Miramax during their salad days, detailing the monstrous and abusive tendencies (such as throwing marble ashtrays at heads of people) and how it was considered "the sheriff" of New York.

"It is important that it is not sexual, but also about psychological abuse and physical abuse," said Macfarlane. "I have the sensation of having known former officials that there is a kind of PTSD just for being an office worker."

Although the people who worked next to him to talk was a fight. Macfarlane says that the culture of fear continues for people who work in the industry. He tried to get Weinstein to the camera too, but he rejected several petitions.

"I am very proud of what we have achieved," he said. "It was very cute to talk about your regrets and what they felt they could have done better."

Kathy Declesis, an old assistant to Weinstein's brother, Bob, describes how she quit after being told how the company handled allegations of misconduct.

Macfarlane knows that he could have followed the developments of the Weinstein criminal case, but decided to let his fall be the end of his film.

"I could do the 5-part series in ten years when I would like the interview with Harvey, who knows what would have happened at the time, but I think we had an energy and a moment," he said. "I want people to come out and say" I do not agree, this is very annoying and depressing, but what can we do about it? "I want a bigger point."

January 26, 2019 / 12:55 p.m. | History:

Authorities say shooting in two parishes in Louisiana has left five people dead. The authorities identified a suspect, who is still at the bottom.

Officials say Saturday morning shots went to the Ascension and Livingston parishes, about 113 miles west of New Orleans.

Livingston's sheriff, Jason Ard, confirmed to Facebook that three deaths were passed to his parish on Saturday. You have not disclosed the identities of the victims.

Apart from Facebook, the Office of the Ascension Union talks that two people were murdered in the city of Gonzalez. The victims were identified as husband and wife. His 21-year-old son was sought by the authorities and wanted to be charged with first-degree murder.

Allison Hudson, spokesman for the Ascension sheriff, says the authorities believe that shootings in both parishes are connected, and researchers in both jurisdictions are working together.

January 26, 2019 / 11:02 am | History:

The movement of yellow jackets in France kept pressure on President Emmanuel Macron with peaceful marches and skirmishes scattered on Saturday, his eleventh straight weekend action despite internal divisions and growing concerns about the violence of protests.

Several anti-governmental protests took place in Paris and other cities, focusing on Macron's policies that were seen favoring the rich. France deployed about 80,000 police officers to patrol the events and disperse problems.

Some cars were burned down in the city of Normandy in Évreux. In Paris, the crowds gathered in the headquarters of the lower house of France. The police used tear gas at demonstrators at the emblematic Bastille Plaza who launched articles at the bottom.

The armored vehicles rolled the monument to the Arc de Triomf as a group of demonstrators who had the elegant Champs Elysees, the site of recent riots.

Some heads of yellow vest want to keep their time keeping protests after darkness and during the day. Two groups planned on Saturdays at Place de la Republique in Paris, and some protesters threatened to try to challenge the police and stay overnight.

Macron has supported some support for the movement, playing an active role in recent days in a national debate in the cities of France, initiated to face the concerns of the protesters.

The participants in the course of the Champs Elysées called the Macron national debate a "smoke screen" to distract the French from their pro-business policies. They expressed opinions from the leftmost to the extreme right or a middle and medium discomfort. Many want Macron to restore the wealth tax in France and allow the public to propose national referendums on anything that retains France outside of the euro to rewrite the constitution.

"We forgot," said lawyer Mervyn Ramsamy, a hospital employee in northern Paris, regretting recent closures of maternity halls and other medical services in areas that were already fighting. "We will not surrender".

It is not clear how long the movement can maintain its momentum. Macron rejected the rise in the fuel tax initially triggering the protests and offered a widespread fiscal relief when protest violence reached a peak in December.

A 52-year-old worker who was identified only while Nadine says the measures are not enough, so they still protest. "I have a salary of 1,200 euros. I do not run out of money before the 15th of the month, I have been left without money before the 6th of the month. I can no longer continue to survive. That's why I am here, because there is no There is nothing, there is nothing changing, "he said in the Champs Elysees.

A branch of the movement launched an offer this week for the European Parliament elections in May, but other protest leaders are not in agreement with the idea.

In another challenge for the movement of yellow jackets, rival groups are said on Tuesday in the demonstrations of the "red scarves" plan to condemn the violence triggered by recent protests.

Armed police with pistols that shoot non-lethal rubber balls -which have seriously injured several- are equipped with corporal cameras on Saturday for the first time, in an experiment to record the use of weapons, providing context and eventual testing if it is necessary.

Among the protests on Saturday, the yellow crowds occupy roundabouts and patches around France, disturbing the traffic to express a feeling of abandonment of the central government. The movement began on November 17, under the name of the fluorescent parts that French motorists must take in case of emergency.

January 26, 2019 / 7:16 a.m. | History:

An official police man from St. Louis was accused on Friday of involuntary manslaughter on the death of a female officer during which he was described as a deadly game with a revolver.

The attorney of the circuit, Kim Gardner, announced the charge against Nathaniel Hendren, 29, on the death of Katlyn Alix, 24 years of age, as allegedly playing a game in which he is Empty a revolver cylinder, he turned a bullet and the two companions were pointed one at the other and tightening the trigger.

Alix was with two male officers in an apartment when he was killed just before 1 a.m. on Thursday. A statement of probable cause of the police, provided by Gardner's office, offered a creepy story about the dangerous game that led to his death.

The statement of probable cause said that Alix and Hendren were playing with weapons when Hendren produced a revolver.

"The accused blew the revolver's cylinder and then put a cartridge into the cylinder," the statement said. He assumed that he turned the cylinder, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

The gun did not fire. The statement said that Alix took the weapon, he pointed to Hendren and shot the trigger. Again, he did not shoot.

Hendren "grabbed the gun and pointed it to the victim (i) shot the trigger causing the weapon to be downloaded," said the statement. "The victim was hit in the chest."

The other male officer told investigators that he warned Hendren and Alix not to act with the weapons and remind them that they were police officers. He was about to leave when he felt the fatal shot, the statement said.

The official men led Alix to a hospital where he died. Hendren is also accused of armed criminal actions.

Both men were on duty at the time of the shooting. Police chief John Hayden has declined to answer questions about why the officers had met at the apartment, which was the home of one of the men.

The police of St. Louis said the charges were the result of a promise Hayden made to the Alix family to conduct a "thorough and competent investigation."

Alix, a military veteran who was married, was not working, but met the men in the apartment.

The police immediately launched an internal investigation and put the two officers on paid vacations. Gardner also began his own investigation on Thursday and hired the Missouri State Patrol to carry it out.

Alix was a patrol officer who graduated from the Police Academy of St. Louis in January 2017.

January 26, 2019 / 7:09 a.m. | History:

A dam that delayed the mining waste collapsed on Friday in Brazil, flooding a nearby community in muddy reddish-brown mud, which killed at least seven people and left many others disappeared.

Parts of the city of Brumadinho were evacuated, and firefighters rescued people by helicopter and land vehicles. The local television channel, TV Record, showed a helicopter that moved inches of ground, as it dragged people covered with sludge from the waste.

The photographs showed roofs on an extensive field of mud, which also cut off roads. The waste stream reached the next community of Vila Ferteco and an administrative office of the Brazilian mining company Vale SA, where there were employees present.

"I have never seen anything similar," said Josiele Rosa Silva Tomas, president of the association of residents of Brumadinho, at The Associated Press by telephone. "It was horrible … the amount of mud that took over."

Silva Tomas said he was waiting for news about his cousin, and many people he knew tried to receive news of his loved ones.

Seven states were recovered in the afternoon on Friday, according to a statement from the governor's office in the state of Minas Gerais.

Vale FabioSchvartsman CEO said he did not know what caused the collapse. About 300 employees were working when it happened. About 100 were counted, and rescue efforts were made to determine what had happened to others.

"The main victims were our own workers," Schvartzman told a press conference on Friday afternoon. He said that a restaurant was buried by mud at lunch time.

Another dam administered by the Australian and Australian mining company BHP Billiton collapsed in the city of Mariana in Minas Gerais in 2015, which killed 19 and forced hundreds of homes.

January 26, 2019/7: 03 am | History:

Rescue crews in Spain found last Saturday the body of a two-year-old boy, who fell into a well 13 days earlier, caused a complex and heart-wrenching rescue operation that kept the country breathless .

Julen Rosello fell to the next 110-meter take on January 13, while her family prepared a picnic on Sunday. Adding to the tragedy of the family, the Spanish media had informed that their parents had another young son who died of a heart attack in 2017.

Julen's remains were found in the early hours of Saturday by rescuers digging a tunnel to reach him, said a spokeswoman for the Spanish government office in the southern province of Malaga.

The spokesman, who was not authorized to be appointed to the media according to the internal protocol, said that a court commission will continue with the investigation of the accident.

The tragedy had taken the Spaniards from the first day and the country had followed closely every turn of an extremely complex operation, frequently hampered by hard rock layers.

The dry well, only 25 centimeters in diameter, was too narrow because an adult entered and hardened the ground and the equipment blocked by the rock passed to two thirds of the path down where the child was trapped.

During the almost two weeks of the test, the officials gave several alternative routes to the small child. A series of small explosions began from Thursday afternoon, even a fourth afternoon on Friday, helping the crew to make a horizontal tunnel of 3.8 meters in length in the cavity.

Before excavating this tunnel at some 70 meters underground, a vertical axis was drilled during the days of careful engineering to bring the miners and rescue experts up and down.

The difficulty of the operation had caused Jorge Martin, a spokesman for the Civil Guard in the province of Málaga, to say: "We have to be very careful, here the mountain is in control."

In one of the few media interviews that the parents of the child gave before the body was found, Father José Rosello said that the family was "cramped" for the long wait but waited for "a miracle."

January 25, 2019 / 9:00 pm | History:

In the face of growing pressure in the midst of the growing interruption, President Donald Trump agreed on an agreement to reopen the government for three weeks, and supported his claim that Congress would give him money for his border wall before the agencies federals go back to work

While standing alone at the Rose Garden, Trump said he would sign finance legislation to agencies closed until February 15 and will try to persuade lawmakers to finance their much-sought-after wall. The agreement reached with the leaders of Congress does not contain new money for the wall, but ends with the longest detention in US history.

Firstly, the Senate, afterwards, the House approved the agreement quickly and unanimously. Late Friday, Trump signed it into law.

The withdrawal of Trump took place on the 35th day of the partial closure, as the delays in national airports were intensified and another day of payments lost by hundreds of federal military officers brought a new urgency to the efforts to resolve the # conflict.

"This was not in any way a concession," said Trump in a tweet late Friday, refusing criticisms that wanted him to continue fighting. "I was caring for millions of people who were severely injured by the Off on the understanding that in 21 days, if no treatment is done, it is out of the races."

The shutdown ended when the Democratic leaders had insisted that they should: reopen the government first, then talk about border security.

"The president thought that I could crack the Democrats, and he did not do it, and I hope it's a lesson for him," said Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said about her members: "Our unity is our power and that is what the president perhaps underestimated."

Trump still took the case for a border wall and maintained that he could close the government again. However, as the negotiations were restarted, Trump entered them from a weakened position. A strong majority of Americans accused him of confrontation and rejected his arguments for a border wall, according to recent polls.

"If we do not receive a fair deal of the Congress, the government will close on February 15 again, or I will use the powers that I grant according to the laws and the Constitution of the United States to deal with this emergency." Trump said.

The president said that he could declare a national emergency to finance the border wall unilaterally if Congress does not provide the money. Such a movement would surely have certain obstacles.

As part of the deal with congressional leaders, a bipartisan committee of legislators of the Senate and the House was formed to consider expense in borders as part of the legislative process in the coming weeks.

"They are willing to put aside thinking, I think, and first of all the security of the American people," Trump said. He stated that a "barrier or walls will be an important part of the solution."

The deal includes repaying some 800,000 federal workers who have gone without payment checks. The administration of Trump commits to pay them as soon as possible.

There is also a new date for the president to send his address to the State of the Union, postponed during the closure. But it will not be on January 29 once planned, according to a person familiar with the planning but not authorized to discuss it.

As border talks resume, Senate leader Mitch McConnell said he expects "good faith negotiations over the next three weeks to try to resolve our differences."

Schumer said that while the Democrats are opposed to the wall money, they are in agreement with other ways of securing the border, "and declaring itself well to reach a possible agreement."

When he agreed, Trump risked reaction against the conservatives who pushed him to continue fighting for the wall. Some attacked on Friday for giving up, for now, their signing campaign promise.

The conservative commentator, Ann Coulter, suggested to Twitter that he saw Trump as "the greatest" to serve as president.

Money for the wall is not guaranteed at all, as Democrats have remained united against the construction of a structure like Trump once conceived, preferring other types of border technology. Asked about the wall of Trump, Pelosi, who has said repeatedly that he will not approve money for this, said: "I have not been clear? No, I have been very clear."

Inside the White House, there was a broad recognition among Trump assistants that the pressure of the blackouts grew and they could not maintain the confrontation indefinitely. The approval numbers of the president suffered during the dead end. During the night and on Friday, several Republicans requested it openly, and privately, to reopen the government.

The major breakthrough was the LaGuardia airport in New York and the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey experienced at least 90 minutes delay in take-offs on Friday due to the closure. And the world's most active airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, experienced long waiting times for security, a warning signal the week before it waits 150,000 visitors outside of the airport. the city for the Super Bowl.

The confrontation became so serious that, when the Senate was opened with prayer, priest Barry Black called for great powers at the time of national agitation to help senators do "the that is correct ".

Senators were speaking more urgently after Thursday's defeat of Trump competition and Democrat competition. Les converses bipartidistes van proporcionar una brillantor d'esperança el divendres que es podria arribar a un acord. Però diversos senadors van dir que no sabien què esperar quan van arribar a veure l'adreça televisada del president des del seu despatx al pis del Senat.

El Senat primer va rebutjar un pla republicà que reobri el govern el proper mes de setembre i li donarà a Trump els 5.700 milions de dòlars que ha reclamat per construir segments d'aquest mur, un projecte que havia promès fa molt de temps finançar Mèxic. El 50-47 vot de la mesura va caure un 10 dels 60 vots necessaris per tenir èxit.

Uns minuts després, els senadors van votar 52-44 per una alternativa demòcrata que buscava obrir agències de cadenats fins al 8 de febrer sense diners a la paret. Va ser vuit vots curts. Però va obtenir més suport que el pla de Trump, tot i que els republicans controlen la cambra 53-47. Estava destinada a donar temps als negociadors per buscar un acord mentre obtenia xecs de pagament als treballadors del govern que treballen sense sou o se'ls obliga a quedar-se a casa.

Contribuir a la pressió sobre els legisladors per trobar una solució va ser la dura realitat que enfrontaven molts treballadors federals, que el divendres van enfrontar un segon dia de pagament de dues setmanes sense xecs de pagament.

Al llarg de tot, les dues parts van emetre demandes mútuament excloents que han bloquejat les negociacions fins i tot per començar: Trump s'havia negat a reobrir el govern fins que el Congrés li va donar diners a la paret i els demòcrates parlamentaris havien rebutjat les negociacions fins que va tornar a obrir el govern.

25 de gener de 2019 / 5:13 pm | Història:

Els caps de pau canadencs a Mali han llançat la seva segona missió d'evacuació mèdica en menys d'una setmana després que un vehicle blindat de l'ONU desencadene un dispositiu explosiu aquest matí, matant a dos i sis ferits més.

L'atac es va produir a prop de la ciutat de Douentza, al centre de Mali, a uns 400 quilòmetres al sud-oest de Gao, on es basa el contingent canadenc de 250 pacificadors i vuit helicòpters militars.

El Departament de Defensa Nacional diu que els canadencs van rescatar a cinc pacificadors ferits de la situació i van proporcionar un tractament mèdic d'emergència mentre estava en l'aire.

L'ONU va identificar a les forces de manteniment de la pau morts i ferits que venien de Sri Lanka.

Els mantenidors de la pau canadencs han realitzat set medevacs, ja que les seves operacions van començar a l'agost, incloent un últim diumenge després d'un atac mortal contra un campament de les Nacions Unides al nord de Mali.

Aquest atemptat va matar a 10 pacificadors del Txad i va ferir almenys dotzenes més. Els canadencs van acabar portant a 15 pacificadors en el seu dia més actiu des que van arribar al país.

25 de gener de 2019 / 5:10 pm | Història:

Una explosió àrtica es va estendre el fred dolorós al mig oest del divendres, va tancar les escoles, va obrir centres d'escalfament i fins i tot va intimidar als pescadors de gel en un sabor del clima encara més perillós que es preveu la propera setmana.

Els meteoròlegs ho van denominar una repetició del "vòrtex polar" que va deixar els EUA cap al 2014, i potser fins i tot més fred, amb escalfa de vent a migdia i 45 a Chicago.

"Anem a sentir-ho molt de temps", va dir Jeff Masters, director de meteorologia a Weather Underground privat. "Serà l'aire més fred en cinc anys".

Durant bona part de l'Amèrica del Nord, l'avantguarda era prou dolent. Els avisos sobre el clima fred estaven en vigor el divendres des de Dakota del Nord fins a Ohio, amb escalofríos freds i perillosos que podrien baixar fins a 45 graus sota zero (-42 C) al nord de Wisconsin i Minnesota ia 35 baix (-37 C) en parts de nord d'Illinois i Iowa.

Quan el vòrtex polar s'enfonsi als EUA, serà més càlid en parts de l'Àrtic-Groenlàndia, al nord de Canadà i Alaska- que a Chicago i Minneapolis, van dir meteoròlegs.

Les escoles de Milwaukee van cancel·lar les classes el divendres, quan l'alt esperat era de només 2 (-17 C). Així ho van fer escoles al oest de Michigan, a l'est d'Iowa i al nord d'Illinois. In northern Michigan, residents of islands in the river connecting Lake Superior and Lake Huron were warned to stock up on supplies in case ferry service was cut off. In Chicago, warming centres opened.

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