Monday , September 26 2022

Microsoft's final Windows phone is here


The end is really here. At least for Windows Phone.

Microsoft has been moving away from its failed adventure to the smartphone market for some time now. Recently, the company told current users of Windows Phone models very clearly, you should also abandon them.

"With the end of Windows 10 operating system support for Windows 10, we recommend that customers move to an Android device or compatible iOS. Microsoft's mission statement to train all people and all organizations on the planet to Getting more, forces us to support our mobile apps on these platforms and devices, "a financial support page for Windows 10 Mobile is read. The page was discovered by the Thurrott news site.

Although this news is not unexpected, it probably feels like a huge loss for Microsoft, which once had the ambition to dominate the smartphone market, since its remaining users could move to Apple or Android.

Windows Mobile users have a time before changing. The support page indicates that compatibility ends June 11, 2019 and "security updates, non-secure revisions, free assisted support options or Microsoft online technical content updates" will end on 10 December 2019. While third parties can post their own updates, as has been the case with other abandoned technologies, they are moving to Microsoft.

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