Monday , September 26 2022

Moose Jaw is no longer the # 1 man of the tallest statue in the world. The neighbors seem ready to get up


There is a world battle over who has the largest statue of moors in his city.

For 31 years, Mac the Moose, which has its presence thanks to Moose Jaw, Sask. It was the largest statue in the world.

Since then it has been overthrown by a so-called "bling statue" about 240 kilometers northeast of Oslo, Norway, which is only 30 centimeters high.

Fraser Tolmie, mayor of Moose Jaw, is not impressed.

"It's personal to me," said Tolmie in a Facebook video posted on Wednesdays.

Tolmie noted that Mac the Moose was named after the municipal assistant Les McKenzie, who has just been the great uncle of his wife.

"It's practically a family for me," said Tolmie.

He asked the people of Moose Jaw what he was willing to do to restore Mac the Moose to his old glory.

Notice that the mayor of Moose Jaw accepts the challenge:

A press release issued by the City of Moose Jaw indicates that a press conference will be held on Monday, where Mac the Moose will respond to two burning questions: he wants the necessary measures to be taken to turn him into the # 39; The world's largest, and if so, how do you want to do this?

The comedy duo returns to Mac

Tolmie is not alone in her quest to restore Mac the Moose to her former glory.

Justin Reves and Greg Moore, from the fame of Justin and Greg, have launched a GoFundMe campaign supported by Mac.

"Mac has been there since 1984, and it's called Moose Jaw. How can we live or live next to a city called Moose Jaw, who has the second-largest increase in the world?" They asked about the afternoon edition of CBC Radio.

The couple suggested constructing a larger rack for Mac, or even putting a hat on the statue of the artist to overcome the difference between the two statues.

Norway is not backing down

Dagbladet, a Norwegian media company, spoke with two people outside the statue of the 240 km moose in northern Oslo.

Seeing people in Norway discusses their statue:

"Congratulations in Canada, having the biggest rise in the world for 31 years, this is a great success," said the woman of the video. "We're sorry to expel him in second place, but we're very happy."

While holding a photo of Mac the Moose, he said that it is impossible to compare the two in terms of appearance.

He noted that the statue of the wings in Norway is more of "bling wings", while Mac the Moose is a simple replica of the real animal.

She said that if Moose Jaw made an effort, he could overcome the Norwegian moose for registration.

But the Norwegians are not going to let the record be easy.

"We will have to try to make our uprising even bigger," he said. "The artist's designer, the artist, said that we might be able to make a moose that is 20 meters high. We'll see it."

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