Wednesday , February 24 2021

NBA Trade Deadline: What are the greatest needs of the Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors are a very good basketball team.

But, given the out-of-season effort, the team put together their current team, and with expectations of rising to the championship or bust levels, is it good enough?

In the news, sitting second in the Eastern Conference for a few percentage points, it certainly seems that Toronto has the talent and the ability to take the East and reach its first Final , but the team probably would not go further than that, like Golden State Warriors are hitting their passion and return to being part of the championship.

So, if you are Masai Ujiri, Bobby Webster and Co., how do you manage to bring your team to the top?

The trade date of the NBA is a few days away, which will take place on February 7, and could offer the Raptors some solutions. If you decide to go down this path, here's a look at what you need this season.

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Three point shot

When arriving at the season, many thought that the three balls would have been a great force for this Raptors team.

How could it not, right? Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet fired at least 40 percent from off last season, C.J. Thousands were announced, and OG Anunoby and Delon Wright ended up being pleasant surprises with his outbound blow. Combine this with the additions of the well-known Danny Green shooter and the superstar of all Kawhi Leonard, and on paper, this was a team that would have to kill their opponents beyond the arc.

Raptors coach Nick Nurse thought the same, encouraging his team to raise them at every opportunity and increase the amount of last season's attempts of 33 per match.

A sound plan in theory, but that did not take into account the setback in the percentage of three points that the Raptors achieved this season.

At that moment, Toronto is in the ninth in three attempts, with 33.3 per game, but it is only 18 percent, firing 34.8 percent from the season.

This is due to the fact that, while Green and Leonard appeared in the form of shots, all of the aforementioned men backed down: badly.

It is a situation that the nurse could not have foreseen, and it has become the most important problem affecting the Raptors, with a beautiful ball movement that establishes an open corner three and, finally, it is finished in a brick doe, or with the signers Lowry pull-ups that sometimes do not even find the edge.

The Raptors need help of three points, unfortunately, and they could use it basically in all positions, but where it is most necessary it is probably from the wing, since these three-point problems have been frustrated by personified by Miles and Advertisoby inconsistent seasons.

Throughout the year, the company has had to deal with personal issues, which has not allowed him to find a rhythm, and Miles has been clear to everyone, but short flashes throughout the season.

Unfortunately for the Raptors, they can not really wait for these two guys to get along, because having players in the wing to help clear the floor is too important. Therefore, if Toronto wants to go after three shooting points, the first area that should be looked for should be the shooting guard or a small forward position.

A big bank

The three point shots should be the number one priority for the Raptors if they decide to make a time-out movement, but another area of ​​need is powerful.

Obviously, with the name of Anthony Davis floating there, it's fun to dream, but it's not a scenario that you can necessarily use. Instead, the true purpose of the Raptors should be a great man who can help get the computer bank.

The decision to move Pascal Siakam from the bench to an initial roll of this season has worked brilliantly for Toronto, but it has been at the expense of the "bench" of the team.

Jonas Valanciunas has shown admirably, taking his new role on the bench, but is out of line with a thumb injury, and he is not sure how he can recover when he returns.

As such, the Raptors would be wise to seek to acquire another great man, be it a power or another center, such as extra insurance, as it seems quite clear that guys like Greg Monroe and Chris Boucher are not the answer at the moment .

In addition, the acquisition of some extra front support could boost the weak rebound of the Raptors. Toronto is in the 17th in the league, with an average of 45 boards per game, and this defect has been bitten against teams such as Milwaukee Bucks, who can see in the post-season.

Getting someone who can help clean the glass is not a bad idea.

A creator of independent shooting

The final area of ​​need for the Raptors must be a look, they are guys who can create their own plans.

While it is true that the Raptors have great talent, this is mainly due to the context of a team. When analyzing individual capacity, the only real highlight is Leonard.

This may look good, but there are occasions in games when the banking unit is out and the opponents are absent in the middle of the track. This is where having a person other than Leonard, who can break a defense and end himself, could be so valuable.

The egalitarian basketball style that the Raptors use when Leonard is not on the ground can work, but it is still important to understand the peculiar order of things in terms of offensive options.

Add someone who can find himself when he breaks down everything that could be a good safe for the Raptors and his bank unit.

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