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PEI announces ambitious plan to offer all islanders over the age of 16 the first COVID-19 vaccine before July 1 | Local | News

All islanders over the age of 16 will be able to receive the first dose of vaccine in late June, the PEI’s head of public health said on Tuesday.

Dr. Heather Morrison unveiled a plan during her weekly session Tuesday based on expectations in the province that she will receive 100,000 doses of vaccine between April 1 and June 30.

“Based on the planned guidelines, we plan to offer all islanders over the age of 16 a single dose of vaccine by the end of June,” said Morrison, who added that the guidance he talks about will come from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. .

Marion Dowling, PEI’s head of nursing, said they have been planning it for months.

“We’ve been planning for mass clinics to offer thousands of vaccines a day,” Dowling said. “The desire of the islanders to receive the vaccine is good news. There will be several clinic locations on the island and in pharmacies. We will all work together. “

He said there is emerging evidence from data that health officials can separate the two necessary doses of vaccine. With Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the focus has been on spacing them out for a few weeks.

You need to know that

Here are some issues that came out of the COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday, March 2:

  • As of February 27, 12,596 doses of vaccine had been administered.
  • To date, 7,377 people have had at least one dose of vaccine.
  • Between April and June, public health will also focus on those who are not vaccinated in the first phase, including firefighters, police, utility workers, teachers, traffic drivers, shellfish factory employees. and meat, grocery and retail employees.
  • From July, officials will begin administering second doses.
  • To date, public safety has received 587 complaints, visited 709 residences, completed six business inspections, issued 100 notices and issued 111 charges under the Public Health Act. A $ 5,000 corporate fine has been issued this week.
  • Since December, 1,015 random checks on personal isolation have been completed.

Morrison speaks of a wide dose interval, which gives the province the opportunity to administer the first vaccine to more islanders and achieve herd immunity much more quickly.

“This is a significant development and a game changer for PEI,” he said.

Islanders aged 80 and over have been booking and receiving their first dose in recent weeks and this process will continue.

“If all adults are vaccinated with a dose before July 1, we will have a better summer than last year,” he said. “It may not be like the summer we had previously at COVID, but … that’s very good news.”

Morrison noted that some public health measures would be maintained, which may include some border measures, but there will be more information in the coming weeks.

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The ultimate goal is to vaccinate 80% of adults on the island

PEI also predicts the arrival of the recently approved AstraZeneca vaccine in the next couple of weeks. The National Advisory Committee on Vaccination recommends that this vaccine not be given to people over 65 years of age. Morrison said it will be used to vaccinate healthy young people working in essential front-line services.

Morrison acknowledges 100,000 vaccines in three months is an ambitious plan, but quickly points out that the province is capable of administering 80,000 flu vaccines over a three-month period each year.

“I think it can be done. I know it won’t be easy, but I think we’re all motivated, ”Morrison said.

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