Sunday , March 7 2021

Pete Davidson reveals why he left Instagram and opened up on mental health tips

"Do not go online. It does not make me happy."

Pete Davidson has talked about his decision to abandon the social media, after the comedian shared a publication in which he declared that he no longer wants to "be in this Earth."

He Saturday night live The comedian eliminated his accounts in December of 2018 after provoking fears for his mental health after his separation of Ariana Grande.

Describing his decision to leave social media, said the star Variety: "Yes, I can not go through obvious reasons.

"Do not go online. It does not make me very happy. Even if it's not about me, it's random like," Trump farts. "I'm not a fan of that."

At the time of the original publication, initially feared that Davidson plan to take his own life. However, the New York police established that he was really in the SNL studies of the time.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Davidson also appeared SNL At the beginning of this month, where he talked about his mental health battles.

It appears in the segment of the weekend update SNL Last night, Davidson talked about the post in a brief discussion with John Mulaney.

"I've been spending some time with Pete trying to show him that he can have a life in a comedy that is not crazy," Mulaney said. "A sober and domestic life".

Mulaney said then: "Look at the eye. You're loved by many and we're glad you're fine."

Earlier this month, Davidson also went back to stand-up with a routine that pointed to shame SNL comedian Louis C.K.

The comeback team saw Davidson heading to his division of Ariana Grande, but according to him, he focused on attacking C.K. – It has recently been presented again after admitting a series of sexual harassment charges.


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