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Police investigating an attack on Jewish teenagers in North York as a possible hate crime

CTV News Toronto

Published on Monday, November 12, 2018. 14:52 EST

Last Updated on Monday, November 12, 2018. 16:33 EST

Police in Toronto are searching for a group of teenagers accused of attacking and abusing another group of Jewish teenagers in North York, allegedly over their religion.

The guys walked past Fairholme Avenue and Bathurst Street around 8 am. On Sunday, when boys passed the second group of teenagers, boys were subjected to "disastrous comments" about their religion.

Police say four victims, only about 17 years old, were dressed according to their faith at the time.

"They were fussing on what they were wearing," CP24 police spokeswoman Katrina Arrogante told the CP24. "They carried their jaws on the head – besides, I'm not quite sure what their basic equipment was, but that was the comment that gave them and then there was an attack."

At one point, two out of four boys were attacked. The police claim that the victims were hit and hit, and at least one of the objects – a pair of sunglasses – was stolen from one of the victims.

The suspects separated and left the area before they came to help.

At least one of the suspects was placed by the police. It is not clear what the charges will be, if any, of them.

The victims were treated on the scene due to various injuries. Later they told the police not to know their attackers.

The police are now seeking at least nine suspects, described only as early teens. A few other details about the suspect have been released.

In a report to the press, the police insisted that they investigate the alleged attack as a possible crime of hatred and robbery.

Noah Shack, vice president of the Center of Israel and the Jews in Great Toronto, issued an announcement Monday afternoon claiming the center was "deeply upset to find out about this unusual attack on Jewish teenagers in Toronto".

"Jewish Canadians should never be scared in their statue. We are grateful to the Toronto police for their prompt and professional response."

Anyone who has information about the incident or anyone who was in the area and who was the witness of the attack are being asked to contact anonymously the Toronto police or Stop crime.

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