Monday , October 18 2021

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett games are not working for most of the studies



The majority of reports and speculation make reference to the PS5 and the next Xbox being released in 2020, with a small minority claiming the year 2021. Whatever the case, the next-gen wave It is approaching, especially if the previous time frame is accurate.

That said, surprisingly, most developers still do not work on next-gen games, and even less do exclusive games of the next gene, according to a new report.

The brand new branding report is the path of GDC, which is a very reliable source for this type of information, and reveals that 16 percent of all gaming developers are currently working on next-generation games , and only a clumsy two percent is working in the next few years, exclusive gene. Ultimately, it would probably be, above all, the first Sony and Microsoft TVs that make launch games.

However, it is worth noting that the sample size for this research was only 4,000 studies, which are not all studies under the sun, but it is quite complete and probably includes all the most notable players .

Peculiarly, 37% of the developers surveyed say they do not know for a fact what systems will have their next game. Thus, this could mean that 16 percent is much more than 40 percent or 50 percent within a year.

However, the largest number of developers still work with current gene titles, with more than 46 percent claiming that the game or games they are working on are unique to this generation.

Of course, all this must be taken with a grain of salt. This also does not say that the source is not reliable or that the voting is not valid or bad quality, but the latter is incomplete and does not paint all the photography of the industry. But it does provide a very good look at the industry and the current state of next-gen. Even so, things change constantly in the development of the game, so if there is something, these numbers can and happen a bit throughout the whole year.

Anyway, as always, do not hesitate to leave a comment to let us know what you think or suffer me on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk about all things next-gen and exchange predictions. Personally, I can not wait for the next generation. The new consoles are the most exciting moments in our industry. However, I am secretly waiting for you not to arrive until the year 2021, for my ticket.

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