Thursday , March 4 2021

Resident Evil 2 "No-Hit" Speedrun is a master class in Zombie Dodging

He Resident Evil 2 The remake might not have the hordes of original origin, but it's still full of zombies and other monsters that can destroy the day. Surviving can be complicated, but a sprinter makes it a breeze through one of the game's tracks in the greatest difficulty without a single blow.

CarcinogenSDA is a Resident Evil Sprinter and player of challenges known by informative commentaries and energetic games of work. Yours Resident Evil 7 Speedrun was one of the most outstanding of Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, and has completed a variety of "unsuccessful", including a dangerous game of the Resident Evil the invisible remake enemies mode. The carcinogenic is a master of zombies and dancing near dangerous enemies, which is not surprising that he has begun to do the same as in the first route of the history of Leon at the Resident Evil 2 remake, all without spoiling.

The carcinogenic completed an unsuccessful race of the first Leon route with a play time of two hours and 56 minutes. He never got a single bite of zombies or scratches of abuse, and there is no doubt Mr. X. The race itself is something of an exhibition both for the game and for the corridor, since it does not stop the scenes from the way many sprinter players do, and it also provides color feedback about the tactics it uses to prevent catastrophe. These include left-wing zombies when they open their doors to pierce the time in skull destroying skills and skillfully drive subarmonies like knives and grenades. This unsuccessful action is about inventory management as well as on moving and sending enemies: having the right weapons at the right time, the carcinogen can launch flash grenades perfectly collectively. Located to prevent large groups or prevent them from grabbing. In a memorable moment, after the race, shoot the legs of some zombies before they get up and use the knife to wipe out the wrinkles. He is very intelligent.

The functions in this way are also an opportunity to conquer fears. Resident Evil 2 It can be a scary game, and seeing a qualified player dismantle the world one segment at the same time is a surprising ability. Mr. X could have most of us screaming for fear, but the carcinogen only advances. His run is an impressive feat that also allows people to see that with some practice and confidence, even the bloodiest of the games can be a cakewalk.

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