Sunday , April 11 2021

Samsung just accidentally revealed its folding Galaxy F phone in a large video leak: BGR

It is possible to say that the first press conference of Samsung of the year is approaching quickly, since the filtrations are sharpened every day that approaches us to the event of the 20 of February. We have already seen the results of the official press of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +, but we have something even more exciting for you. A teaser video that Samsung will most likely show during the keynote gives us our first look at the mobile phone Flexible Galaxy, which is also supposed to receive an advertisement that is appropriate for the show. Perhaps even more interesting, the video provokes other innovations of Samsung that could be in the process of the future.

No, the device that appears in the previous image is probably not the Galaxy F. It seems like a full screen tablet that supports the pencil input. But it does not look like a tablet that Samsung currently comes. And it does not seem to be a folding device.

The Galaxy F, which is what we still call Samsung's first folding phone for lack of a better name, appears during the clip, and in the end. We do not have a complete look at the phone, but of course we are seeing a folding phone:

Source of the image: YouTube

The video suggests that the device will be slimmer than we expected. In early November, when Samsung introduced the Infinity Flex screen and the user interface of a UI in anticipation of the launch of Galaxy F, the company showed us a prototype of a foldable folded phone in a bulky case, suggesting that the phone could be thicker than other smartphones.

The video also suggests that the external screen will be larger than expected and has small bezels. Here's a quick look at the prototype that Samsung showed in November, the external screen is smaller than that of the video.

Whether the Galaxy F device that appears on the clip is real or simply a digital rendering, there is something strange about it. The external screen remains even if the user has opened. I guess the external screen would turn dark when the phone unfolded. Let's see it again:

Source of the image: YouTube

Samsung showed other interesting clip concepts, including a Report of the minority-how the interface to interact with computers:

Source of the image: YouTube

In addition, the company had a portable ultrasound device that could be used together with a mobile device for fast sonograms.

Source of the image: YouTube

Finally, we also have a phone that can be a concept for the next Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite phone, which must have a flat screen. The image below is pretty blurry because this sequence is fast. Samsung is testing the advanced AR features for their phones, which would support multiplayer games like Pokémon.

Source of the image: YouTube

Here is the whole video, which was reprinted in the SlashLeaks The YouTube channel after the original has disappeared.

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