Tuesday , July 5 2022

Samsung will accept a notorious notch, but Galaki S10 may not get one – BGR


Samsung on Wednesday introduced the Infiniti Flek display of the folding Galaki F during its main SDC18, but this is not the only new hardware that the company showed us at the time of the event. Now we know that Samsung will accept the infamous iPhone Xs Token, something that has been avoided for more than a year. But that does not mean that the upcoming Galaki S10 will have a leader to have some price, and the detail from Samsung's presentation gives us a good reason to get excited about the design of the future.

Samsung has discovered a bunch of screens that will soon be a member of the Infiniti family, except Infiniti Flek for folding. These are Infiniti U, Infiniti V, Infiniti O and Nev Infiniti. These market conditions mean nothing without some visual guidance. So, here is the picture Samsung shares on the scene, over Android police:

Image source: Android police

As you can see, two of the four Infinites show above the name of the camera in the form of the letters U and V. The third screen has a O-shaped hole, the type of display Samsung has recently strangled and the design of the screen is expected to see the Galaki S10. Render shows how the display with a hole on the top will look like:

Image Source: Benjamin Geskin, Twitter

But then there is a screen on the Nev Infiniti screen that has absolutely no mask at the top. It's unclear when this new Infiniti screen will appear, but it looks like the kind of expensive view you'd expect on leading devices. A type of display that should not have an opening or slots for accommodating the camera and the sensor. This is a type of display that would include various elements, including the front speaker and camera, under the glass. Samsung has already made a screen that runs the sound across the screen over the bone, so, of course, Samsung is now exploring the installation of speakers below the screen. However, hiding the camera beneath the display can be more complicated.

Samsung did not show the full screen in the picture above, but I assume that these Infiniti screens will not have any lower masks. That is, I hope that Samsung will simultaneously remove the upper and lower frames, just as Apple did, instead of going to the copy path. Most iPhone X clones have lower masks.

With all this in mind, the question is is whether Samsung has perfected the technology for mass production of the Nevinny Infiniti display for Galaki S10? Or will the Galaki S10 be on top? Maybe Infiniti O hole, as shown in the top views?

Pricing Galactic phones from 2019 can pack Infiniti U and V screens, while more expensive mid range models and high end devices can receive Infiniti O and Nev Infiniti screens, but these are just my speculations. In addition, the technology used to create new Infiniti designs will also allow Samsung to offer similar screen designs in the future to the top of the smartphone makers, including Apple and Google. After all, the iPhone X, KSS, KSS Mak and Pixel 3 KSL have OLED screens manufactured by Samsung Displai.

Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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