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Sausage remembered due to the metal in meat


A meat producer remembers more than 11,000 pounds of sausages due to concerns about metal in the meat.

On Sunday, R. L. Zeigler Co. He announced that he would remember 11,664 pounds of avocado meat products and sausages due to concerns that could contain metal pieces.

The company remembers the Red Hot chicken and chorizo ​​RTE articles produced on November 29. The hot Xoriço 24 ounce packs have the use date of January 24, 2019.

R.L. Zeigler was alerted to the possible problems after two clients complained about receiving contaminated products in December. So far, there has been no confirmed report of diseases or adverse reactions to sausages.

At the beginning of December, CTI Foods LLC recalled approximately 29,028 pennies of Jimmy Dean sausage bonds due to concerns that may contain metal pieces. The US Department of Agriculture discovered the problem with Jimmy Dean's sausages when it was reported that CTI Foods had received five claims of people related to metal pieces in the sausage ties.

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If you have purchased any of the remedies for sausages, the USDA Food Inspection and Inspection Service encourages you to immediately dispose of the product or return it to the store where it was purchased.

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