Sunday , March 7 2021

Search for the missing person after boats slipped near the port of Halifax

Two people were rescued and the search was carried out by a third person after a ship sank near the mouth of the port of Halifax Tuesday morning.

The commander of duties of the Common Security Coordination Center, Amber Bineau, confirmed this morning that the ship sank in about 12 to 15 meters of water near Devils Island. He said the call came at 2 in the afternoon. The JRCC had originally said that the ship was a fishing vessel.

CBC News has confirmed that the ship is a commercial vessel 42 feet long.

"Two had left and were picked up by the pilot ship as it was entering the port and a person is missing and there is a series of assets that are deployed in the scenario to look for them," he said.

The two rescued were evaluated by the first responsible and published.

The fishing boat sank near the Devils Island at the mouth of the Halifax harbor. (Google Maps)

Several Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy ships, as well as a diving naval team are involved in the search.

Bineau said the divers were in the water this morning, but that they could not locate the ship.

"They will come out as soon as it is clear … resume the underwater search," said Bineau.

There is also a Herculean plane and a Cormorant helicopter that helps in the search.

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