Saturday , October 1 2022

Seth Rogen, a delightful octopus, was named in his honor by Ceph Rogen


Octopus got its name after a Canadian actor and comedian Sethu Rogen after a public announcement contest.

Ceph Rogen is a Vancouver aquaflower, whose name has earned 90% of votes after Rogen promoted him.

The 36-year-old from Vancouver shared a public voice on Twitter, wrote: "Please vote for me to have an octopus named in the aquarium where I grew up."

It's fair to say that he was pretty strangely emphatic win, who saw the second-best name Octavia humiliating.

Rogen had a lot of support for the efforts to appoint octopuses.

Although some thought that there were other ways to name the Superbad stars, they could be horns of shoe.

For some, however, there remains only one question – when will Caffe meet Seth?

Your move Rogen.

– Press Association

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