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Should PC games cost less in the Epic games store?

Should PC games cost less in the Epic games store?

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News yesterday than Deep Silver Exodus of subway Steam switching to the Epic games store was remarkable for what he says about Valve's position in the virtual PC games store. But for consumers, the impact it had on the game's price was more notable.

If you have ordered previously Exodus of subway Although Steam before yesterday, you paid $ 60 (and you'll still receive the preorder at Steam). If you preorder the game today in the Epic Games store or the purchase after the launch of February 15, you will pay only € 50.

And despite this price reduction, Deep Silver will come true more money for selling the Epic Games Store from what he did on Steam. The percentage of 88 percent revenue that Epic offers in a $ 50 sale ($ 44) is more lucrative than the 70 percent revenue share offered by Valve in a $ 60 sale ($ 42, although the number increases slightly after selling 10 million dollars).

Passing savings to

A little more surprising is the fact that Exodus of subway It is the first game that effectively conveys the saving of favorable terms of consumer-friendly revenue sharing. From this writing, the rest of the limited selection of games available in both the Epic Games and Steam store lists the same price set by developers on both platforms (except those that Epic offers for free in a rotating manner) .

This is not what prices often make in the world of traditional consumer goods. There, sellers usually end up paying a standard wholesale price to the manufacturer, and then set this price to cover their costs. A clear retailer detail means that the store can offer lower prices to attract more customers (yes, there are often confusing factors involving bulk orders and the MSRP application, but they involve).

Imagine if the same wholesaler logic is applied to current online game sales. Say that a publisher wanted to make $ 10 "to the wholesale" every time a copy of his game was sold, regardless of the online store. Taking into account the "margin of detail" (that is, percentage of revenue percentage), this game would cost $ 11.36 in the Epic Games store and $ 14.28 a Steam. In the Discord store, which gives publishers 90 percent of all sales, the game would only cost $ 11.11. When buying directly from the publisher's website, players could pay only $ 10.

Ask for your value

These lower prices may not be enough to attract players out of Steam's higher price version, of course. Many players have the possibility to have lists of bookshops and friends of centralized games in one place. The Steam app also offers features that have not yet been compatible with all other game launchers, from easy sharing of screenshots to strong forums communities to an integrated music player.

Valve recently stated that in November "the value of a large network like Steam has many benefits that are contributed and shared by all participants." The company was talking about attracting developers to the platform, but the same can be said from the player's point of view.

If the effects of the network and exclusive features are really important for Steam users, they will be willing to pay the additional mark imposed by Steam. If they are not, other stores should be willing and able to reduce Steam costs to attract new customers. In any case, retailers should have the value of their margin compared to other options.

Try it customized

Players will charge what will bring the market for their games, of course. It is difficult for publishers to be guilty of the Epic game store to try to keep prices in your pocket and the additional part of the revenue that Epic offers.

At the same time, I can not help asking myself if publishers would not benefit from cutting costs to reflect their cutbacks. The evidence of Valve's annual sales shows that the discount on the price of the game can even slightly have a significant effect on the volume of sales, which could offset the lower selling margin.

Deep Silver obviously sees the courage to try a new pricing scheme in the newest and lowest marked Epic. Once again, Deep Silver has the benefit of being one of these selected games that are sold exclusively in the Epic Games store. Tim Sweeney, of the epic, told Ars last month that the company "sometimes financed developers to launch games exclusively through the store." Neither Epic nor Deep Silver would comment on whether this agreement was planned Exodus of subway, but we can only assume that the editor has a bit of financial amortization on the part of Epic behind his new price experiment.

Regardless, we can only expect other publishers to try to reduce prices in proportion to the lower costs imposed by new digital stores. This is a movement that could benefit gamers, players, and the online gaming ecosystem at the same time.

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