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Snow mixed with ice pellets, changing the rain, reaching East Newfoundland


The eastern side of Newfoundland is in a humid and slippery climate on Tuesday, with a winter warning on the site of the peninsulas of Connaigre and Burin and the current winter storm clocks for Gander, Bonavista, Clarenville and parts of the Avalon Peninsula, including St. John's.

"The afternoon rush hour could be a little complicated in the north of Avalon," said Derm Kearney of the environmental climate office of Gander in Canada The St. John's Morning Show Monday.

It is hoped that a low pressure system will bring snow mixed with ice pellets to St. John's and in the area, changing in the rain with the risk of raining rain in the afternoon, according to Environment Canada.

The Avalon peninsula could be five to 10 centimeters in snow, Kearney said, with a little less for the eastern part of the peninsula, including those of San Juan and Mount Pearl.

There are vigilantes and warnings of winter storms for parts of Eastern Newfoundland. (Environment Canada)

It is also expected that winds will be strong tomorrow afternoon, Kearney said, about 80 km / h, leaving behind at night.

Clarenville / Bonavista also manages to snow, wind

They're waiting for similar winds tomorrow afternoon and evening at Bonavista and Clarenville, where the combination with snowfall will reduce visibility.

"Up to Clarenville / Bonavista, things will look interesting tomorrow afternoon, because the winds will recover along with the snow and there will also be chances of going to rain and ice cream granules," Kearney said.

It expects snow to mix with ice pellets, then change to rain and potentially frozen rain, around St. John's, on Tuesday. (@ XXPureCountryXX / Twitter)

Around Bonavista and Clarenville, it is expected that snow will begin mixed with ice pellets in the morning. Up to 10 centimeters of snow are waiting during the day in the areas of Bonavista, Clarenville and Gander, with more continuity at night.

Storm warning for Burin and Connaigre

Hazardous conditions are predicted on the Burin and Connaigre peninsulas, said Environment Canada, where there are winter storm warnings for Tuesday.

The snow in the areas can change to the rain on the southern part of the Burin peninsula. "The southern part of the Burin could not see as much snow as in the north," said Kearney.

The southern part of Burin should reach five to 10 centimeters in snow, he said, with the northern part and Connaigre reaching up to 15 centimeters.

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