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Star Trek: explaining the timeline

He Star Trek The canon is a complicated place. Within the TV show and solo movies, there are preludes, sequels, trips in time and alternative universes to track – and not all of them happen in the correct order. Star Trek Discovery Is the last insertion of continuity (and an excellent one), but how is it related to the rest?

Let's start our eyes Star TrekThe 40-year timeline in our "future", at a time when Earth is recovering from World War II …

2063 – Star Trek: first contact (most of them)

This movie – Star Trek 8, if you are tracking – see the Star Trek: The Next Generation The crew takes a return on time to the time of Zefram Cochrane: the man who invented the technology of the Urdu. The flight of his ship, the Phoenix, calls for the attention of some volcanoes that pass the first contact. It's an important moment.

2151-2155 – Star Trek: Company

One hundred years later, the crew of Starfleet's first ship of 5 (NX-01 registration) seeks to establish humanity as an important player of the galaxy, although the poor relations between Vulcans and humans are not an easy task. Significantly, the Company is key to defeating the Xindi who try to attack and destroy the Earth.

2161 – As detailed in the final episode of Star Trek: Company (ENT 4×22: These are the trips…) The United Federation of Planets is formed by an alliance between four species: humans, volcanoes, andorians and Tellarites. Company NX-01 is also removed.

2165 – Sarek, Spock's father, is born in Vulcano.

2210 – Amanda Grayson, the mother of Spock, is born on Earth.

2230 – Spock is born. Amanda Grayson is 20 years old and Sarek is 65 years old. Tbh problem

2233 – James T. Kirk was born. Context only, in the divergent chronology of the restart movies, the Nullian terrorist terrorist arrives in the future at Narada, destroys USS Kelvin and kills George Kirk. Everything after this point is not applied to the reboot timing line, but … this is a separate article.

2245 – USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is launched under the command of Robert M. April.

2254 – USS Enterprise visits the planet Talos IV under the command of captain Christopher Pike. Spock is already serving on board the ship at this time. Although the Talians try to capture the crew, they are able to escape. Everything is detailed The Menagerie (COUGH 1×15-16).

2256-let's go – Star Trek Discovery

The Discovery experimental nebula (NCC-1013) fights in the first great war of the Klingon Federation. Michael Burnham, sister adopted by Spock, is part of the crew. Sarek also visits times. At one point, Discovery finds the Company of this age while investigating the phenomena of red lights and is placed under the temporary command of Captain Christopher Pike.

2265-2269 – Star Trek: The Original Series

New years after the events of Star Trek: DiscoveryKirk, Spock, Bones (and the rest) run a five-year mission in the deep space on board the company, exploring the galaxy, establishing troops and talking to many computers on death.

Notably, in a mission, the company is able to restore a serious Christopher Pike to Talos IV so that he can live his life in a paradise created in a psychological way preferable to reality. Lucky git.

2269-2270 – The animated adventures of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek

Sometimes considered non-canonical, but less and less, this series takes place immediately after the live action show and, in its majority, presents most of the original cast. (Do not listen too attentively to the voices).

There is a series of comics where the animated crew meets Transformers, which is definitely not a cannon and absolutely new, but therefore great.

2270s – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

After a review of 18 months, the company found V & # 39; ger who asked Admiral Kirk to return the ship again.

2285 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Khan Noonien Singh, after escaping from exile at Captain Kirk's hands (COUGH 1×24: Space seeds), exact revenge to the company through the Genesis device. The crew defeats Khan, but Spock sacrifices his own life to save the company. Sad.

Shortly after in 2285 – Star Trek III: the search for Spock

The company returns to Earth to repair before understanding that Spock is still alive, having been reborn on the planet Genesis created in the previous movie. Klingons get involved and while trying to rescue Spock, the company is destroyed. The crew kidnaps Klingon Bird of Prey and returns Spock to Vulcan and the care of Sarek.

2286 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The crew of the Enterprise returns to Earth (sans Enterprise) just in time to find it under attack: an invincible alien probe is bombarding the planet with a destructive signal that tries to communicate with the whales, that the humans have led to the extinction. After going to 1987 to catch a whale, the crew returns to 2286 and is put on board a new version of the Enterprise: the NCC-1701-A.

2287 – Star Trek V: the final border

Spock's half brother, Sybok, steals the Enterprise and tries to fly it to God. We wish we were doing this.

2293 – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

The low wall, IN THE SPACE. When the Russian Klingon power plant Moon Chernobyl Praxis explodes, the notoriously insular empire begins the discussion with its ancient enemies to achieve a friendly peace. Kirk and his crew save the peace process of a destabilizing conspiracy for the Romulians. Company A is deactivated.

2293 – Star Trek: Generations (some of them)

Enterprise B is launched (NCC-1701-B) and it is believed that Captain Kirk died after a meeting with the mysterious power belt known as The Nexus.

2344 – Company C (NCC-1701-C) is active under the command of captain Rachel Garrett. You can get more information TNG 3×15, Yesterday's business, which is a great episode.

2364-2370 – Star Trek: The Next Generation

The company's crew D (NCC-1701-D) – Picard, Riker, Data (and the rest) travel the galaxy by finding moral dilemmas that can usually be solved by inverting the polarity of something.

2368 – Sarek mor (TNG 5×01 – Unification)

2369-2375: Star Trek: New deep space

Things get confused when TV shows begin to overlap. Commander Sisko releases the dragon aboard the important strategic space station, Deep Space Nine.

2371: Star Trek Generations (the remaining)

Picard et al rescued Kirk from the Nexus, proving he did not die in 2293 after all. Although later he dies, in fact. No setbacks this time. Except in a series of novels. Company D also becomes confetti space.

2371-2378: Star Trek Voyager

Captain Kathryn Janeway receives the USS Voyager (record no important) stuck in the Quadrant del Delta and spend 7 years trying to reach home while stopping to check all the molecules of each asteroid as much as they brush. Harry Kim dies and is replaced by a mirror created for a strange moment, but nobody actually talks about it.

2373: Star Trek: first contact (the remaining)

On board the new Enterprise E (NCC-170-ah you get it now) Next generation The team follows a ship Borg in time and prevents them from interrupting the first contact with the Vulcans. See the beginning of this article.

2375: Star Trek Insurrection

There is nothing important in this, but it's not as bad as people think.

2379: Star Trek Nemesis

Some important things happen in this, because Data dies, but in this case it is as bad as people think. Janeway appears, promoted to Admiral, probably because he never wants to see the interior of a spaceship.

2387: Star Trek (restart)

Romulus is destroyed when a nearby star goes supernova. Spock can not stop him. A bad Romulan named Nero travels in time and creates the divergent timeline JJ Abrams that remains outside the scope of this article. However, the destruction of Romulus and the strange disappearance of Spock remain canonical. Who knows what others are?

A time after 2387: Picard series without title

The producers of the highly anticipated UNITLED PICARD SERIES have explained that the destruction of Romulus and the dissolution of the Romulan empire will be a springboard for some of the events of this television show, in which Picard (probably) He has stopped Starfleet forever.

This, in general, is what establishes the fee. More visions in the future (such as the future timeline) TNG end, All the good things) can only be considered prospective futures.

Have we lost something?

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