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Sean Rooney on November 17, 2018.

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Shaia Suchi was speechless.

One night, her medical hat college Rattlers faced a female volleyball team in the third year, a four-year-old Liber said that the post-game said she broke the Rattlers record for most of her career.

Sure, the 5-3 Hat team would have no chance against Briercrest Clippers who lost only three sets during the whole season.

But there was a Suchi post-game, which delivered ridiculous 28 copies to support her career at 849, trying to explain how she felt in the light of the incredible 3-2 (19-25, 18-25, 25-19, 25 -23 , 15-13) to win on Snake Pitu.

"It was crazy. I've never felt anything like that," said Suji. "Winning this game, when that happens …"

Nobody saw this. Heck, Sukija did not even know she broke Megan Nagi a week ago. But the victory that fans had on their feet long before balloons came out and a commemorative plaque.

"I had a good feeling," said Rattlers coach Kim Stonehouse, whose side lost Jennifer Saj's lead in the first set. "When we enter our groove, we are quite unstoppable, we have a lot of offensive options, we do not have to rely on one player." Shaia had an extraordinary match, it was a good solid effort. "

Instead of Saj's injuries that diminished their self-confidence, Rattlers did the opposite-play as if they had nothing else to lose.

See SEND, page A8

They took the third set, and then the lead from 7-1 to start the fourth. The momentum continued to be held in the fifth, and the fans left the match in the match.

Janelle Oelke took over the second year, Janelle Neiron had 16 murders and a colleague of journalist Mckenzie Griffith seven blocks in Barnburner behind.

"They played really well," said Klippers coach Nolan Veinmaster. "We definitely had a momentum in the third set, we played in the way that we created a momentum with big mistakes. They used it and they played great."

Teams coincide again in 1 hour. Saturday, and there is no doubt that Briercrest will be motivated. But then, athletes from the Bible School brought Rattlers into the prayer circle after a game in which they prayed that the Sage's knee be healed.

Suchi came to Gas City four years ago from Saskatchewan and was the main pillar in the back row through thick and thin. The team finally appears to be on a sustainable growth, which has reversed to victory on Friday.

"A small spark can ignite the whole team," she said. "I think that's what happened, just one good thing, it's built it all the time. Every bad point we made up with something. We knew we needed it."

Nagi, who had previously had a record, is now a world class beach volleyball player for Canada. Now she lives in Ontario, she told the news as she was pleased to hear that one of her records was corrupt.

"I'm STOKALA for her to break the record," Nagi wrote. "It's great to see people pushing the limits of sports. I know how much I should devote to the development of the game."

Men's Volleyball

In a late men's game, Medicine Hat beat a slower start to win 3-1 (25-22, 25-21, 20-25, 25-19) over Briercrest.

No statistics were available by pressing. The winners improved to 6-3 while the Klippers fell to 3-6. Teams play again in 3h. Saturday.

Women's basketball

The Rattlers women's basketball team passed with Ambrose Lions on Friday in Calgary, winning 88-65.

Kendell Kuntz had 25 points, Katelin Rozdeba had 15 plus nine rebounds and all but one Hat player had a spoon.

Now 6-1, they play again 2-5 Ambrose on Saturday.

Men's basketball

Something clicked on a men's basketball team on Friday.

At Calgary's Ambrose University, Rattlers took 10 points at half-time before finding his range in a 90:79 win.

Jaamel Slack, returned with Medical Hat after a year, scored 26 points, including four trophies. Jon Sappleton had 18 plus 11 rebounds and six assists, of which 10 of those points came in the third quarter.

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