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& Take the phone now & # 39 ;: Nenshi calls on Kenney in the progress of the green line – Calgary


The mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, was issued on Thursday with comments from Alberta's leader Jason Kenney on the Green Line project in the city.

On a Facebook live on his Facebook page Wednesday night, he was asked if he continued to support the expansion of the LRT framework of Calgary, if he was elected prime minister.

"Yes," he said. "Remember, when I was the federal minister responsible for southern Alberta, in the spring of 2015, I announced a federal commitment of 1,500 million dollars for the Green Line."

The plans for the new CTrain line were announced on the financing announcement

The complete Green Line route plan is 46 kilometers from North Pointe to Seton and includes 28 stops. At the time it was announced, officials said the addition would double the existing LRT network in the city.

Below: a map of the original route plan of the green line

Green map of Calgary

However, since the announcement of the 2015 project, the City Council approved a "Phase 1" in June 2017 that saw reduce the distance of Green Line by almost half the length , from 16 av. North-South to Shepard. With this reduction, it would no longer reach the Calgary in the deep north and south of the city.

The Calgary committee approves the final alignment of the green LRT line

The NDP provincial government pledged to join $ 1.53 billion to the Green Line one month later in July 2017.

Kenney raised questions about this important change on his live Facebook.

"My question as a taxpayer, as a taxpayer, as a former federal minister who put $ 1,500 million on the table, is" What happened to the green line? How was it halved? "Kenney said on Wednesday night, which has its legislative headquarters in Calgary-Lougheed.

CLOCK: Kenney asks NDP to handle the "fiscal incompetence" of Calgary Green Line (March 2018)

Kenney blamed the changes on "the policy in the corridor".

"All I know is that if I am a prime minister, I will pick up the phone and say," Where is the green line of 40 kilometers long for which I have put the money out there? "He said." So yes to the green line: the complete green line. I'm not engaged in half of the NDP. "

Green Line's LRT changes were found with the frustration of the deputies, councilor

This sentiment did not feel right with Nenshi, who said that Kenney should not wait until the possibility of becoming a prime minister to check-in with the city in the progress of the green line.

"Mr. Kenney said something like this:" If I were elected, I will pick up the phone and see what happened. "So I just want to say that you do not have to be the most important thing to pick up the phone," said Sunday Nenshi.

"He says:" I have no idea how this happened, so I'll pick up the phone and find out, if I'm a prime minister. "

"It was a very trumpet thing:" I will pick up the phone and ask: "What happened to my green line?" Touch the phone now. "

Nenshi said the federal government knew in 2015 that it promised money for a project that was still in early stages of development.

"The federal government made a compromise just before an election and was fully aware that we had not done any engineering job," he said. "They wanted to announce it before a choice but the numbers were very strong. And when the numbers became less strong, they changed."

In an updated UCP statement Thursday night, the party said that Kenney "is shown by his comments made during the Facebook live event last night."

"The mayor can participate with small names calls if he likes them," said the UCP. "But Mr Kenney's criticisms of Donald Trump are well documented."

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