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Tesla finalizing 2018 with the most positive week of news so far – #Pravduh on #Tesla Report 17



Posted on December 30, 2018 |
for Chanan Bos

December 30, 2018 for Chanan Bos


This last complete week of 2018 was much more positive than the previous week when it comes to Tesla's coverage in the mainstream media. In fact, in percentage, it is the most positive week since we started tracking in September. Two new members of the board contributed enormously to this, as well as the cumulative effect of the surprising history of the success of Model 3.

When we deepen the heads of the new members of the board, we find a total of 23 headlines on this topic. Of these holders, 9 mentioned the SEC; And 6 cite each of the following: reining in Musk, that Ellison is a friend of Elon, US charges, regulators, tweets or other skepticism about the nominees. Next, there were also 9 headlines that mention nothing negative.

Since it is above all a positive issue, we have decided to calculate almost all of them as positive, although many may have been described as surprising or even attributed to negatives. The only three that we described as negatives were:

  • "Why the biggest bear in Tesla is skeptic of Ellison Addition" (Bloomberg)
  • "Tesla Taps Ellison, an expert in human resources to show that Musk is Reined in" (Bloomberg)
  • "Larry Ellison of Oracle, the Walgreens Executive, joins the Tesla Board to comply with the SEC's agreements on Musk tweets" (Forbes)

In total, Bloomberg Posted 4 articles on this topic and the one on Forbes It was rated as negative because it was the only title that contained both the SEC and another negative element.

In addition, on a peculiar occasion, the stock market offered good news this week but then reacted negatively. Tesla lowered its prices in China and announced that it would pay the tax credit difference to those who Tesla could not deliver a vehicle before 2019 years. Tesla stock [TSLA] he fell after this news. The ad is positive, the stock market reaction was negative, and if it is necessary to label it as positive or negative it is a bit complicated. In light of that, 4 titles were rated as neutral.

Well, this is basically for 2018 other than the December / Q4 report, which will be released next week. As of next year, we will also include more news sources and all the holders on September 1, 2018.

Remember that each week we share the raw data (headlines and scores). You can scan by yourself if you want to duplicate our results or just see the headlines for yourselves. And you can check our own Tesla stories for more context and comparison. For detailed information about our methodology and a broader context on this weekly analysis, see this previous Pravduh About Tesla report.

#Pravduh About #Tasla
Report no. 17 (December 22-28)

The next topic of our itinerary is to track the authors who covered this news. Although the full list is too long to put it here, as there are many authors who have written only one piece about Tesla, here are the authors who have published more than 9 articles about Tesla since we began to crawl September 1st, classified at least positive for the positive majority:

The neutrality index goes from -100% to 100% positive. In this system, 0% is neutral. The number of articles and negative / positive percentages are also shown. This system provides a good breakdown of how authors are positioned.

For all this section, keep in mind that: In the main media channels, often there are writers who control this part of the articles. However, we find that tracking the authors is interesting and potentially useful in considering what types of stories the writers tend to write.

What changed with Tesla last week

Adding to the summary of the introduction, here is a list of the latest developments in Tesla and the possible new features ordered by day. You can consider for yourself what were the important updates in the "Tesla story" last week.

Some articles featured last week

  • For years, in 2018 it was wild for automobile manufacturers like Tesla, Nissan, GM investors await peace and calm in 2019 (CNBC)
  • Similarities, volumes and volumes of new mid-range Tesla Model 3 (Forbes)
  • Tesla: Purchase Opportunity or Knife Fallen? (Street)

The more these are #Pravduh About #Tasla The reports are shared online through social networks, the more it will be noted. If there is a very strong downward trend on Tesla at certain points of sale, even when Tesla has positive news to share, people should be aware of this and approach each new story in this context.

Once again, here are the data this week, if you want to take a look at the raw data.

For detailed information about our methodology and a broader context on this weekly analysis, see this previous Pravduh About Tesla report.

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