Thursday , February 25 2021

Tesla's sales could be banned in Sweden due to a matter of excessive and automatic upgrade by the automobile driver [Updated]

The Swedish Transportation Agency threatens to close Tesla's sales in the country for 6 months due to unclear problems about the ability to update Tesla's outdoor and auto-pilot.

Update: The agency says it might be closing the investigation, although it is not clear why they have threatened a sale ban.

The reports began to leave Sweden today about the Swedish transport agency by sending a letter to RDW, the Dutch regulator and the European authority used by Tesla to approve their vehicles for European roads.

According to reports, there is something illegal about how Tesla pushes software updates in the open air.

Anders Gunneriusson of the Swedish Transportation Agency told the Swedish media SVD:

"We do not believe that Tesla would work according to the type approval of the Netherlands. We find approval is contrary to the law ".

Apparently, they have a specific problem in relation to the updates of the automatic Tesla pilot system that go back to 2016, but they are not included in detail.

Maria Lantz, director of Tesla in Sweden, said that the company's updates comply with the EU approval system:

"All product updates we make to cars in Europe meet all type approval requirements applicable to the EU and we are reviewing the changes that may affect type approval with the responsible authorities. D & # 39 ; this way, we can continuously improve the safety during the life of the car. "

Gunneriusson said that they could ban Tesla's sales for 6 months if they find "a serious security risk" as part of this investigation:

"To the legislation, we have a clause that means that Sweden will stop selling Tesla cars for six months if there is a serious security risk."

The agency has not reported any specific security risks up to now.

Tesla's sales are relatively small in Sweden. The car manufacturer in California delivered only more than 1,200 in the country last year, but it is expected to change with the arrival of Model 3 in the coming months.

In almost one month of opening of Model 3 orders in the country, Tesla has almost the same number of orders from Model 3 in Sweden, as the quantity of orders Model S and Model X combined during a whole year.

It is anticipated that the first Model 3 vehicles for deliveries to the customer will arrive in Europe next week and that Tesla has been officially approved for the vehicle in Europe a few weeks ago.

Elect's Take

That's strange. I have read a bunch of Swedish media reports translated into it and it really does not make much sense.

None of them could overcome what specifically concerns here.

If we have Swedish readers of Electrek who have a better management of the situation and who want to enlighten us in the comments section that is shown below, this would be appreciated.

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