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The best weapon in Just Cause 4 is Mother Nature


This does not mean that at this moment there is no real reality. The more a game is made to ensure it can play and repeat – Rico can take a lot of damage and give up collisions and explosions that normal people do not need. However, this means that you are ready to set it up in better scenarios and that you will often advocate plans for attacks against enemy military bases. "There is a logic and a system [to the tornadoes] – even thunderstorms. We looked at real time systems and thought, "How can we match the reality of this game?" Majer remarked. "And at the same time, what do you think of the players? What can I do with it?" JC4, winds will slow down your character, and the wind will take him to your destination that is a bit quicker.

While the Just Cause series was never immersed in realism, its worlds are detailed and populated, and its physical rules work in a way that should – though with a certain artistic permission. Not so understood as the GTA world, but did I see the whole island as a physics box? Yes, there are so many parts of dynamic objects that mix and experiment. (My tip: Try a new hook to catch in the thematic park of the island.)

It brings me to another star: Ričino carriage. In the last game, players could interconnect objects, buildings, even people, linking them, dragging them, and generally causing trouble, explosions, and more.

Just Cause 4 it significantly improves the hook, which can still do it all, but it can also attach balloons to send objects into the air, as well as mobile missiles (which were a special item in the previous series) that can be labeled with objects.

I have less anecdotes than I hoped out of my hands on time, simply because all these functions and parameters for work as you imagine the time needed.

Now you switch between these functions through three different loads, but all are initiated and "released" through the same blend of trigger buttons. It's deeper and a bit more complicated than that. Each of these tools (flu, balloons and amplifiers) can be modified in mild (or extreme) mode. They range from the prescribed heights of airborne balloons to the combustion of amplifiers that explode when they are exhausted. Even the grappling function can be increased with a higher tensile strength and a "pulse" finisher that refuses two objects when they are assembled.

I have less anecdotes than I hoped out of my hands in time, simply because all of these functions and parameters for work as you imagine the time needed. Creative freedom is huge and exciting, but the guilt for learning is rough, especially when it offers you the toy store's keys. I played half the time with full load functions and drill hook attachments. Fortunately, in the real game, the features will be multi-layered. As you progress, you unlock the balloon function and earn ex-post modes while deepening your relationship with your rebel colleagues.

In your defense, the menu in which you will adjust everything is logical and well-placed, there is only a great chance that a hook fighting for you (and reality) will be completely different, and that truck trying to lift it will explode into your face.

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 introduces a brand new aspect of the Frontlines series, which joins the revolutionary fighters to demand the territory. I feel like it will have a more important effect on your game versus, say, the choice of Athens over Sparta Assassin's Creed Odyssey. While red and blue are interchangeable for that mercenary, Rodriguez of Just Cause chose his side. Frontlines will follow you during the entire game, while freeing up the area of ​​the map, recruiting more rebels and participating in the key battles.

Liberating the area will make it easier to travel by regions, and (judging by what I have seen) will likely open these key upgrades. When they saw two teams struggling along the borders – usually including various turbines, rocket launchers, and up – almost always had enough to stop my journey towards primary searches. I just wanted to help. However, this is not a type of function in a game that can easily be understood from a few hours of play.

Given that the players could work by 2015 Just Cause 3, once you grab your hands with a hook tool, it's possible to crazy with anyone with impressive results in this sequel. Add to what high level players can achieve with far more limited physical tools Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I expect great things. With the boom during the game and sharing JC3 launched, Just Cause 4 it's perfectly set to take advantage of portions of humorous destruction images.

Just Cause 3 having a rough launch, reviewers and players have criticized rough errors and some major problems in loading speed – especially on consoles. The team hit the wall with their Avalanche game and Just Cause 4 it arrives on a new Apex engine, adapted, and ready for all the tornadoes and destruction of large volumes.

The new engine aside, my concern remains how well this works on my PS4 or your Xbox One. I do not know the answer, since we played on pre-release versions on powerful computers. To fans of the series, maybe it does not matter. He knows us a lot if Just Cause 4 is a type of game that we will already enjoy. As long as there is a story here, Rigo Rodriguez is cute and funny, and the characters return from the series, I'm not on the edge of my seat to see what's happening to them. Frontlines also add an extra layer of play, but my early impression is that it does not feel extremely crucial for the feeling of a basic game. While the parachute into the base, jumping from a truck that was swimming above the complex on a balloon ball, is outstretched and outdated, it's the least of my worries.

Just Cause 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 4th.

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