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The Boston Red Sox pitcher, David Price, did not allow us to change your mind


After reading the article by Chad Finn about Dennis Eckersley, I felt good, I dare say that I was high. Ekk's story is fantastic, with maximum, minimum, achievements, failures, redemption, glory and the constant battles of the journey of life. It is a story of real human interest, inspiration and infinite intrigue. When it comes to Ekk, I'm finished. The piece over him would have been more than enough to bring the day for me, but no, I could not end here. David Price had to retire and get injected again in history.

Great. Here we go, another horse to beat from the always reliable and dead Rolodex horse.

Imagine & # 39; t. I started to feel good after a couple of weeks of vacation and the departure soon enough of the loss of cattle, the wretched Kyrie Irving. Irving, who recently thought that he had replaced Price to be the most improbable and miserable athlete in the city. He had a good performance, but you have to give credit to the price, he must want that distinction. Irving almost had not spent three weeks before Price again took the mantle of misery and the comment of the nauseges that obviously need. Way to get the price. Great work with this supposed letter of triumph.

If you read Finn's article about Eckersley, two points are very clear:

1. Eck's brief comment on the 2017 incident with Price was clearly in response to a direct question from Finn. It does not seem that Eckersley keeps this story alive by promoting it at all times, simply responding to a direct question that, sadly, has become part of its recent history. A historical note of his life that was provoked and caused by the Price himself that he could add. I am sure that Eckersley himself prefers that the footnote is not there.

2. It's Finn's job to ask this question. The article and the interview would not have been journalistically.

The excessive reaction of Price and the fact that he feels obligated to react publicly, says much more about him and his fine skin, then all this saga says about Eckersley. Looking at things objectively here is what you learn.

When you ask Eckersley a difficult question, answer.

When Price listens to something, whether you have read it or have heard it directly or not, it is quick to release an emotionally charged reaction. In this case, these emotions are fed by half truths, certainly not by facts. Bad show

That said, I can cut professional athletes in situations like this sometimes. Often, they receive second or third hand information from teammates or people in their circles. These misunderstandings are common. However, if you take the time to make a press conference about something that would make your facts correct and Price's comments on Eckersley clearly show that you did not even read the article, or even worse, understand the context of this article. What a joke

In the short press conference on Wednesday afternoon, he essentially accused Eckersley of not being able to continue with his 2017 incident, but that is exactly what he is doing to play the drama that clearly still lives on his own boss Now this drama has been made public so that everyone can chew on it. Once again, how to play this letter of victory. The price just turned the tables for itself when the smart thing to do, it simply would not have been doing anything.

Thin skin Sluggish? Convenient? Yes to all three and I would also add another, revealing.

I have been hard with Price in this space before giving his fight against the Yankees and their long history of postseason poverty, but I have also been fair and quick to praise him when his performance deserved him. So I will also see the Rolodex again. When I say that the recent price incident is "revealing", what I mean. His previous failures in great moments never were of the physical variety, everything was mental with Price. When you see a fast and emotionally charged reaction, based on inaccuracies and half truths, as we heard Wednesday from your own mouth, it is easy to see this emotional fragility that affected so much time at the greatest moments of its launch . Race before October. Just saying

For the Red Sox cause, they expect better than their best pitcher in 2019 to have a better charter than what they showed on Wednesday, because they undoubtedly lost that hand. Welcome to David. Welcome back.

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