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The hi-tech search company claims to have found Atlantis


If there is an archaeological find that would turn the world into the head, it would be the discovery of the lost city of Atlántida. Many have looked for the remains of the mythical locality, but no one has come to find it and the researchers they had found in the past have been badly tried in the last resort.

Now, with a set of high tech hardware at your disposal, a company called Merlin Burrows believes that it could have finally detected the location where the city once was. Needless to say, you should take everything you read from this point with a large grain of salt.

Thousands of years ago, Plato wrote about civilization, and noted that his incredible technological and wealth advances were not the same and that the city was ultimately destroyed by some terrible event. Nobody really knows if Plato wanted his writings to be taken as documentation of the existence of the city or if it was to sew a thread to serve as a warning against the dangers of excess, But that has not prevented many people from looking for Atlantis.

Merlin Burrows, who claims herself as a specialized seafaring company to find "forgotten or hidden" things, is ready to release a documentary about what she says she can finally prove that Atlantis was real.

The area around the Doñana National Park, between Cadiz and Seville, as it was in the Atlantic era.
The area around the Doñana National Park, between Cadiz and Seville, as it was in the Atlantic era.Magnus News Agency

Talking to Live Science, CEO of Merlin Burrows, Bruce Blackburn, claims that his company has used satellite data to combine an area that the group believes might have been the location of the prosperous city. His work began years ago and, according to Blackburn, the location was chosen from the writings of Plato and from other texts.

The site, which is located near the coast of Doñana National Park, was later searched for. Merlin Burrows says that it was then when the company found what he believed to be remains of temples and towers. The quote from the material, which was thought to be of early concrete, suggested that it was between 10,000 and 12,000 years old, which would fit the approximate chronology of when it was said that Atlantis existed.

A computer model of how British historians believe Atlantes might have lived in small circular islands in a sea that is today the Doñana National Park in Andalusia, south of Spain.
Magnus News Agency

This is not the first time that a group has claimed the discovery of Atlantis and it is not even the first time that the researchers suggested that the remains could be seated in this specific location in Spain. However, Merlin Burrows says his next documentary titled "Atlántica" will ask questions to rest.

With so many false "finds" in the past, the archaeological community in general is quite worn out by the discoveries of Atlantis. If this is, in fact, the test we all hope will be an incredible achievement, but for now we should keep our fingers crossed.

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